February 8, 2014

Real Spiritual Master’s Don’t Market Themselves as Real Spiritual Masters.

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As yoga and the interest in spirituality burgeon, the inevitable western mindset to marketing also grows.

It seems like common sense to realize that the claims to mastery do not make a person masterful or knowledgeable—and it is my opinion, the bigger the hype, the less likely that person will live up to the claim.

My guru had told me that in India, almost every corner in big cities sports its own master guru of some esoteric secret of something yogic, magical or mystical. For some reason, a black and white kung-fu movie image popped into my mind of schools competing with each other and tearing apart tea houses.

Spiritual masters don’t have to advertise that they are masters.

Spiritual seekers can be some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

With yoga being a $27 Billion industry, there is a lot of financial competition happening. Copyrights, patents and lawsuits are becoming common in a field that espouses love, peace, and understanding. Why is this ?

Because the common approach to yoga is on a precarious edge to become more about big business, profits and money and discarding the essential roots of yoga.

The more money there is to be made, the more snake-oil salesmen will show up. Need a cure for depression ? Try this brand of yoga! Need to fix your mind? Experience so-and-so’s masterful yoga tonic! Got achy bones? Try yoga, it’ll fix everything.

Except, it doesn’t—yoga can break far more than it can heal in the hands of an inexperienced mentor.

All the commercial hype around yoga detracts from its essence and real value.

So next time you consider being involved with a yoga studio, teacher, brand, or anything contemplate first how they approach their practice.

Are they authentic, humble and living with personal integrity ? Do they walk their talk ?

Or does all their effort go into public image, glitzy clothing, marketing campaigns, high-def videos and slick advertisements?

Real people don’t have to adopt labels to achieve sales—they don’t have to put on a big show.

In my own experience, the wisest have a childlike wonder. They love exploring, learning and sharing their experience before putting on a show to attract customers.

True mastery makes no claim to being masterful. The real master remains humble knowing there is always more to learn.

The simplicity of who they are speaks volumes with no effort.

Presence and truth provides more power than any marketing campaign.




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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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Read 5 comments and reply

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