February 14, 2014

Spontaneous Yogi in Australia ~ Masha Gorodilova {Video}

screen shot from Yoga in Australia

Australia: the land of wilderness and beauty.

I am lucky to call it home. I was confused when i got to Melbourne 12 years ago. The weather was hard to predict (and that’s coming from a girl that grew up with Siberian weather). People were multicultural that I was finding it hard to guess where they were from.

I was lost in the amount of different styles of yoga that were on offer. And at the end of the day, it was all way too far out of my comfort zone.

What helped me to fit in?

I guess trusting myself, trusting the Universe that everything happens in the most natural and organic order. Now it’s home. I finally belong.

This video was filmed in Victoria, Australia in the South of Australia. The state of great food, people and culture. Our crew decided to choose our favourite locations and film a standing sequence there. From Apollo Bay to Portsea we travelled and spontaneously we found spots to land and do yoga on.

We climbed fences and filmed in the rain to inspire, connect and share. We did not want or plan it to be “staged” it was very normal to jump out of the car and film a couple of minutes of the sequence that I call “prana sequence.”

From folding forward to a wide extension, from arm balances to a twist—it makes sense for my body and it creates a flow of prana down the spine.

My favourite location on the video is Joanna Beach. I feel this place is very spiritual and every time the sand from the beach goes between my toes as I step on it, I feel at peace.

Some people from the aboriginal community say that there are some meridians cross over on that particular beach spot where energies collide and create magic.

Let’s be inspired, let’s connect and let’s share together.

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Assistant Editor: Melissa Petty/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Screenshot from video


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