The Beauty of Falling. ~ Rebecca Mara

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Today I fell.

A lot. I laughed every time, because I was back-country skiing in beautiful, mountainous nature with one of my favorite people, but it reminded me of how much I fell this week.

Definition of falling: “to drop or descend under the force of gravity, as to a lower place through loss or lack of support.”

All that rises will fall at some point, but if I’m going to fall, I want to fall into the wholeness of all that I’ve got, embracing and embodying both strength and weakness, beautiful and ugly until I’m fully integrated.

We have a choice of whether our fall will be graceful or not and if we don’t fear the fall, the descent may be so soft that we may not notice it at all.

Life wouldn’t let us down if we couldn’t get back up again. It is always there, holding you, even when you don’t see the lesson it’s gifting you with. When we bring trust and experience into the picture, we bounce back faster and stronger. We implement new skills, increase stamina, faith and resilience, because we trust our own strength and know that, ultimately, there was a plan.

If we never fell, if things were always easy and we never risked injury, we’d never feel the need to look at our weaknesses and transform them, or to discover the strengths we’ve developed after the last plummet.

So I fell, and I realized that my former weaknesses were now wisdom that protected me and that my weakest links were things I could look right in the face and feel completely without any shame.

The key is to not contract, but to surrender to the descent. It was placed there to teach you, and as you surrender, expand, and let go, you grow. This week, I collected my lessons so I don’t re-create the same fall, and I walk away with a “Thank you, I needed to see that. I needed to see that part of myself I wasn’t willing to love until now. I won because I gave it my best shot and I learned.”

So knock yourself over. All you have to do is get back up.

The world will bend to carry you if your intention is to learn not what you want to learn, but what it placed there to teach you all along.

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About Rebecca Mara

Rebecca Mara is a massage therapist, kundalini yoga instructor, ayurvedic therapist, holistic health coach, and thai yoga therapist at Somadi Massage in Boulder, Colorado. She likes hiking in the mountains, sweaty yoga, chanting, rituals, love, falling and collecting stories from odd adventures in Boulderlandia. Her life’s work is to help people return to love and happiness.


One Response to “The Beauty of Falling. ~ Rebecca Mara”

  1. samitee says:

    So true what you've written here. From my own personal experiences in life I can honestly and confidently say that my worst "falls" have also been the most rewarding learning experiences for me. I truly believe that we're never given anything we can't handle and the lows that we experience in life not only teach us to appreciate the highs but also give us the strength to move forward and experience life with new outlooks and wisdom. Thanks for the article.

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