Bed. Intimately Limp, Drawing Series 2012, Paris. ~ Autumn Ahn {Adult}

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In moments of physical closeness, the body becomes distorted.

A face becomes a landscape and a touch cannot be traced except for the lingering sensation on the skin. Investigating these changes in perception and heightened awareness of the senses offered intimate views of the body. In this series of drawings I enter the gaze of each character contributing to a private scene. Imagining the visual journey of being in bed with another person, I drew portraits of its symbolic protagonists—the vagina, hair, the penis, and the embrace, without idolization.

In this way, the recollection of the story remains human and accessible.

Momentary intimacy is not false, but it is fleeting and a bit ridiculous. It’s a story often kept private, but, where there is sex and vulnerability, there is also humor and light to embrace the reality of our protected emotions.

I hope viewers will see this series of drawings and be reminded of the realities of a sensual and sexual encounter—its passion, its curiosity, and its hilarity.

Following Images: 8 Drawings
Ink, Gouache, Paint Marker, Spray Paint, Colored Pencil // Canson Paper
63.5cm x 50cm // 25in x 19.5in , each
2012, Paris

Autumn Ahn Autumn Ahn Autumn Ahn Autumn Ahn

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About Autumn Ahn

Autumn Ahn is a multidisciplinary artist and designer.  Primarily a painter, her work expanded to 3-dimension and live performance to continue her investigation of social dynamics and their contextual environments. Her productions, installations, paintings and objects articulate the range of response within a peripheral moment. Ahn’s work extracts these fleeting sensations and questions our awareness of them.

Exhibiting her work regularly and internationally, she recently returned to the US from her time abroad to relocate her studio to NYC. Often working with collectives and site-specific projects, she last showed at Art Basel Miami, 12.2013 as an invited artist-in-residence for the Ansonia Creative Project’s Pop-up Hotel gallery in the former Plymouth Hotel of Miami Beach.

Ahn has received international press media and also contributes her work to various printed publications. She has also been commissioned for custom design projects for fashion, events, venues, private homes, and publishing since 2008. She believes that maintaining a practice in borth the fine art and commercial world is crucial in developing innovative work.

She attended Boston University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with a specialization in Oil Painting, Printmaking and Hart History. She then attended Pilchuck Glass School to study with Einar & Jaimex de la Torres and later was the festival coordinator for the Boston Cyberarts, a bienniale of Digital Media Art.

She continues to paint and draw regularly and is always open to opportunities to collaborate. For more information on her work, to get in touch regarding showing or emplyment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch here :[email protected]


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