March 21, 2014

The 10 Things I Learned from Finding Happiness. ~ Kimberly Fisher


I love books.

I love the feel of the pages over my fingers as I skim through the first chapters. I love the smell—fresh, clean. Most of all, I love what I can absorb on those pages.

Picking up a copy of Todd Patkin’s  Finding Happiness: One Man’s Quest to Beat Depression and Anxiety and-Finally-Let the Sunshine In, was like finding a “Spirituality for Dummies” Guide. It’s a big yellow book chock full of easy-to-read tips and a 12 week process for living a happier life.

Here are 10 Things I learned from the businessman and philanthropist:


Yes, everyone tells us to exercise. The pros to exercise definitely outweigh the cons. We know it keeps us healthy and helps control weight. Did you know it is a natural energizer and mood booster? It invigorates our minds & bodies, relaxes us, makes us stronger and improves sleep.


Self-improvement is great, if it comes from a place of self-love. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over shortcomings.

Build Richer Relationships.

Too many Americans are feeling a disconnect when it comes to interacting with loved ones. Do you come home and watch TV in one room while your significant other is in another? Do you not have conversations with your children? Maybe it is time to turn off the TV and reconnect. Decide that 2014 will be the year to improve  relationships.


Everyone likes to know that they are appreciated. This courtesy extends to family, friends, co-workers, the stranger that opened the door, your barber and even the neighbor that keeps an eye on our house when we are away. Showing gratitude not only makes other people happy, but also can bring happiness to ourselves.


The F-word comes up in so many self-help books, because it is so important to well being. Patkin says,”If you can’t let go of pain and anger, you can’t be happy.” Living with pain, anger and hurt only bring about negativity, stress and even illness.


Patkin has said that he has been wealthy and miserable at the same time, and a way to bring upon happiness is to give. Income and net worth have nothing to do with happiness. Great joy can be found in giving.

Have Faith.

Having some sort of spiritual backbone can have an overall affect on happiness. Possibly check out different places of worship or read a few spiritual books. Patkin’s says you do not have to go to a formal place of worship. Just be willing to see a higher power’s work in life. A connection to a higher power can keep us centered, focused and part of a like-minded community.


Make 2014 a year of gratitude. A University of California study noted that grateful people are 25% happier than ungrateful people. A shift in attitude can change your whole perception of the world.

To read the book yourself or learn more check out his website.

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