March 6, 2014

The True Cost vs. Benefits of a Dog. {Infographic}

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Could we ever really put a price tag on our beloved pooches? Our best friends?

My dog is the first thing I see every morning. My alarm clock. My snuggle buddy throughout the night (move over boyfriend!). My work companion throughout the day (believe me, he’s making me a better worker). My running buddy. Dinner date—eager for scraps. I can’t image not having my little pooch by my side all day and all night. That said, it’s always smart to think of the commitment (it’s a big one!). Money, time, energy, love. It’s a real learning and growing experience and I am grateful.

Bonus: This Why We Should Adopt Rescue Dogs. {Photos}

The True Cost of Dog Ownership by Golden Meadows Retrievers


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