Why I Love My Moontime. ~ Morgan Potts

Via Morgan Potts
on Mar 17, 2014
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Bleeding represents our ability to create—our strength, power and femininity.

Without it, life would not exist.

For most women, the day we start our cycle is one we dread. The moment we see that red hue, many of our minds rush to inconvenience, pain, and shame that this event brings.

Ooh, I used to feel it.

And why?!

Many of us were taught as young girls that we are to go about these days like any other—no time to rest, cry, or even think about what our bodies are doing. We are taught to hide our cycles.

Can anyone say tampons?

This is where the dread, confusion, and shame comes from. It comes from not understanding, not embracing, and from never truly connecting with this sacred part of our womanhood. Never once are we told that it is sacred, that it is amazing what our bodies are capable of, and that we, as women, are also blessed with this strength.

But, ooh, yes we are.

And though this surprises many women, I grow excited looking ahead to my cycle each month. I feel so good during these days of bleeding. I feel more womanly, beautiful, and divine on these days than at any other time. With the arrival of my blood, I feel release. I feel a surge of relief, bliss, and comfort. I feel nurtured, beautiful and alive. It’s a moment of connection, strength and femininity.

This is my moon, my mother, my wisdom, my power.

And each month I am reminded of how powerful I am as a woman, and what this really means. I am reminded that I have the ability to create, and do and be in any way I please.

As a cycling woman, my body is physically capable of creating a child, yes, but even more than that, I can move, write, work, paint, draw or sing. It brings our ability to create.

Whatever it is that I want to bring into this world, each drop of red is a reminder of the possibilities.

During my cycle, I feel super connected, spiritually. I feel extra intuitive and aware, like the wisdom of nature and the divine can flow more freely. I am aligned and grounded. I feel so womanly and warm, alluring like a goddess. I feel the Shakti rising within me, and I am moved to dance, sing, and relish in this bliss.

Another aspect of our cycles that many of us forget to embrace is how connected we are to the moon, and how closely She affects us.

As women, we are all connected to this lunar body. It is not by coincidence that our cycles and the moon’s phases both take 28-29 days to complete. It is because of the moon that we cycle this way at all. And what’s happening above affects us so deeply inside.

Wow. Yes. Wow.

During the time when our sky is dark and quiet, we too feel this darkness. We feel safe, nurtured, protected. No light is shining on our thoughts, our bodies or ideas. We can rest, and feel, and dream, without judgment.

Originally, all women bled during the days surrounding the phase of the new moon, and this is why. When our bodies are in sync with the moon, we are in perfect harmony with nature. Just as the She waxes and wanes each month, our womb does the same. What Luna feels, we feel. When She becomes dark and quiet, we also retreat, and turn more inward. Menstruation is a spiritual time, to be gentle and loving with our bodies and thoughts…

A Beautiful time for meditation, creation, deep rest, and comfort, and this is done best in the dark.

Intuitively, this makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

It’s simply the way nature wants to flow, and our bodies long for this connection.

Before the many distractions existed that pull us away from our moon, we all cycled in harmony, in perfect synchronization with this lunar energy. But over time, our bodies have become disconnected from this natural power.

Light pollution, constant technological stimulation, Wi-Fi and birth control pills are a few of the culprits.

Overall, we have have simply forgotten our link. Our relationship to the ever-loving Luna has faded. We have forgotten the rituals, the richness, and the sacred moments that come with our womanly cycles. But as long as this connection exists in the sky, it is never too late to reacquaint our bodies with this magic. There are endless ways to connect and ritualize our time with the moon and our cycles—all of them nourishing, nurturing, and satisfying. Simply having the intention to find this connection is a beautiful place to start.

In my coaching practice, I work with women who want to do just that: Reclaim this sacred connection, and to cycle in harmony with the moon, once again. Doing this truly does make us feel more sacred, connected and alive, and without those painful cramps!

This is why I love my moontime.

This blood is a blessing, not a curse, my loves.

And embracing this sacred practice can fill our lives with so much passion, nourishment and satisfaction. Just making the simple decision to start enjoying it, and feeling open and curious during this time, can be life changing.

So to start, I invite you to simply pay more attention. Watch the moon in the sky, see Her grow and become dark again. Pay attention to your own body, and how it may change alongside our moon. Take the time to simply be, and just feel.

And if you’re looking for a safe space to talk about these womanly cycles, join the conversation in my private Facebook group, for Moonblush Sacred Women.

Love to you beautiful, cycling, woman!


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About Morgan Potts

Morgan Potts, owner of Moonblush Sacred Living is a holistic health coach working with women who want to cycle with the moon and feel more sacred and connected. Her focus is on embracing our womanly cycles, and embodying the sacred feminine in our own bodies. Enriched with ritual and flow, we can live a life that satiates us, and makes us feel alive. Morgan works with women online through her one-on-one coaching programs, and also leads the Facebook group Moonblush Sacred Women, where all things menstrual, spiritual, feminine and sacred are discussed! Both are aimed at reconnecting with this feminine flow, and understanding how to life a life more rich, connected and nourishing. Connect with her on her website, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (@moonblushsacred).


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