April 4, 2014

A Spiritual Guide to Overcoming a Fear of Flying. ~ Jensy Scarola

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I am not the greatest flyer.

Since I was a little girl, I would not go on roller coasters. I was the girl riding the carousel for the fifteenth time while the others I was with were experiencing thrills and fun with drops and twists on the roller coasters at the amusement park.

Needless to say, flying hasn’t been so good either.

I realize, though, if I want to experience all of God’s goodies in life and to see the fruits of Mother Earth’s labor, I need to step out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. So I face the fear of flying—this fear can overlap most of our fears—as it’s a fear of the unknown and a fear of death.

Since reading Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to be Me, where she chronicles her near death experience (NDE) while suffering with cancer, my fear of death has changed.

She “died” on a hospital bed from complications with cancer. But, as she details in her book, the moment when she passed away she experienced total bliss: a love, peace, and an intense feeling of warmth, a lightness, all with no fear whatsoever. It just sounds so amazing! Ms. Moorjani has lived to tell about her experience and it has brought millions of people comfort and peace as they navigate their lives.

So last week, I boarded a plane to Arizona armed with many tools from my spiritual toolbox.

Here are my tips on how to navigate your way as you leave on a jet plane:

1. Face fear.

When we admit our fears, we take our control back and send the ego to the corner. As we embrace the fear, we bring light and love to the higher self and in the owning we refuse to let it tell us how to run our lives. By facing our fears, we take back control.

2. Be present.

The anticipation is the worst part. Weeks prior to my flights, I think about what could happen. Then, as I sit at the gate, I think about how much I don’t want to get on that plane. In these instances, I center back in and remember to stay present in the moment.

I am not on the plane yet, so worrying about it is a waste of time.

So, I do things that soothe me in the present moment—like loving on my kids, husband, and dog, playing games, writing, hanging out with girlfriends. At the airport, I people watch aaannd to my husband’s dismay, everyone is a friend so I engage in chit chat with strangers, as I find you can learn something from everyone. That’s just the hungry student in me! Find what works for you to center back into the present moment. Focus on what is right in front of you. Let the future-tripping go. Enjoy what is going on in the Now.

3. Say prayers for the pilots and attendants serving the flight.

As I board the plane, I touch the jet and imagine a white light surrounding it. I say a prayer to my guardian angels to keep the plane safe and carry it gently to its destination with ease. As I pass the pilot, I send him my prayers as this is his livelihood and what he enjoys doing as his career. I say hello and smile to all the flight attendants servicing our flight. I also pray for every person on the flight. I send them love and light that they get to their destinations safely.

4. Stay distracted before the plane takes off.

When I get to my seat, I get out a book or listen to music or chat with my travel partner about what we are gonna see and do. This gets me excited.

5. Prepare for takeoff.

Deepak Chopra is the man! Chopra has a technique to use as we are experiencing fear. He says, recall a time in life where you felt overwhelming joy. This could be the birth of your child, getting the job you wanted, your wedding day. Visualize in your mind’s eye that feeling and let it consume your body. As the plane takes off, it is moving fairly quickly. Experience that exhilaration as you sail into the skies and match it with that mental recess you just visualized. Hold the thought and the feeling of love and happiness as you soar mentally and physically. This works like a charm!

6. Travel with crystals, sacred mementos, lucky charms and/or pictures.

I wear a long necklace that has a stone of Archangel Ariel on it. She is the “lion of God” and is the angel of protection. I hold it with my thumb and forefinger and feel peace by her presence. Bring something with you that you love, which brings joy and peace to your heart.

7. Breathe.

When we are experiencing anxiety, we forget to breathe. As you inhale, fill the belly up and out, hold for three, and exhale as you draw your belly back towards you spine. This will instantly snap you back and calm your nerves.

8. Meditate with Mantras and Affirmations.

As you are practicing your breathing, repeat mantras to yourself. You can use this one here or come up with one on your own. I used this last week: “I am safe. I am calm. All is well. I am exactly where I need to be. I look forward to all the joyous experiences that await me.”

9. Enjoy the flight.

For the most part, most flights are fairly smooth. Sit back and watch a movie. Read a book you are dying to get lost in. Look out the window and revel in the Universe’s glory and vastness of Mother Earth. Turbulence may occur, you may feel a bump or two, but just as when you drive in your car and experience bumps, planes do too. It’s the experience of any mode of transportation.

10. During landing, use the same steps (4-7) listed above.

11. When the wheels touch down, celebrate!

You are about to open yourself up to whole new set of experiences. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, you are about to take part in an exciting adventure! Traveling allows you to experience new things: new cultures, new scenery, new flavors, new relationships, rejuvenation, and cool adventures! Carpe diem! And you did it, you faced the fear and DID IT ANYWAY! WINNING!

I wanna hear your thoughts on traveling. Could you use these steps to face other fears? What works for you? Let me know in the comments. We can all learn from your voice and experiences!


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