April 10, 2014

Gentle Hands of Time. ~ Bret Blumenthal {Poem}

Bret Blumenthal -not for reuse

I exist in the depths of the shadow—

my mind.

My soul seeks comfort.

The dew that collects
on the petals that glisten:
rays of sunshine.

Love? What of it?

A memory of the way things
could be.
Some far-off distant future,
past rivers, rushing childhood

No more safety-net daydream

Spoon-fed happiness tastes
bitter as it curdles with age.

Home seems so far back.

The road
is long with destination unknown.

Long winters.
Stuck in the middle.

I couldn’t
find my way if I turned back.
Gentle hands of time.
Hold me.

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Apprentice Editor: Bronwyn Petry/Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photos: courtesy of the author, Pixoto

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Carolyn Riker Apr 10, 2014 7:27pm

This is beautiful, lyrical and tells a deep story! I look forward to reading more of your work! Thank you.

lina Apr 10, 2014 12:01pm

Beautiful words! amazing talent Bret! keep it up. Your poetry is beautifully expressed. 🙂

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Bret Blumenthal

 Bret Blumenthal has been trying to find himself for almost 31 years now. He goes where the wind takes him. He still feels like a lost child at heart. He loves to cook rainy days away and dances when no one is looking—he’s real good. He’s lived in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Idaho, California and Hawaii. Some say home is where the heart is. His heart is a rushing river that exists somewhere in this giant universe.
Bret has a degree in psychology with a concentration in nutrition and he still can’t figure himself out. Someday he wants to run an organic holistic wellness center, preferably on the beach. Being famous would be cool too. He plays guitar better than he sings, raps better than he plays guitar—it’s hard to play guitar and rap. He empties his soul on pages and hope it touches people. Please connect with Bret on his blog, or on Facebook.