April 4, 2014

Letting go of the “Search.” ~ Selah McMath


We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it. 
~ John Steinbeck

There’s a difference between healing and searching.

Healing begins with letting go and searching begins with a quest. You can’t look for healing because it comes from within and when searching, generally you’re looking outside.

If healing is found it doesn’t mean it was naturally attracted to us. We generally see things that have been attracted to us as indicative of found meaning and thus healing (which is what we are frequently claiming to be looking for.)

And searching is not the healthiest endeavor because, what if we never find what we are looking for? Then, we’ve wasted time looking for something that simply doesn’t exist.

I’m not convinced searching is useful.

Instead, searching simply preoccupies us from noticing the things that are naturally attracted into our lives. And, the things that naturally end up in our lives are attracted to us because of what is already within us, not what we have managed to grab onto from the outside.

That being said, it does not take away from our nature. Our nature says we need outside influence. Outside influences reminds us that we are all connected and that we cannot do things alone.

We should not fix ourselves by ourselves, rather we should let the natural course of life bring us what we need. Searching will only keep us from recognizing that process. We all need outside influences, but just the right kind. The natural kind of influences that choose us, not the kind that we happen to grab onto in the midst of our searching.

It is in the midst of grabbing, we pick things that don’t belong to us and when we don’t let them go and don’t move on, they eventually destroy us.

Everyone and everything in this world serves a purpose. And within these purposes, are the places we belong. We don’t have a road map for our places and there are no written guidelines for what our purpose isso the chances of us putting ourselves in the right location, on our own through searching, is rare.

It is far better for us to just live, forgive and heal, and move along at the rate we are meant to—naturally. It is through living with unforced connections that we naturally share, and the love or faith we develop from helping others, is where we change. That is the pivotal moment. We heal and find our purpose, never having to search for it, because it came to us naturally. It happened naturally through healing and the natural course of life, which gives us exactly what we need and helps us determine our purpose.

Everything always works itself out for the better.


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