April 5, 2014

We are One. ~ Joseph J. Treubig {Poem}




Gaze upon new faces,

Some that are familiar

Some that were forgotten

Others, we have found again, different somehow


Though not-a-single-one-to be-considered foreign—

Subject to the same hand that feeds,

Borne of the same God that bleeds and bled life into us all,

aren’t we?


The trees in fields

Behind the over-ah-tired suits in conference centers

Doing loop de loops in vacant parking lots

Between the lines of passages from classics found in high school classrooms,

Always headed somewhere,


On a plane, over the sea

Don’t these new faces say the same things we

Have all taken as truth

At one point or another in time


Some moment in un-ticking space

(The same place we verbally deface

And chastise as a suffocating chamber

Of many mortal dangers—

Filled with the collective divergences of memory and present)


Sparks a universal truth like a shooting star across the sky

Colliding and converging with particles of openness

Turning and transforming into wisdom


Reframing this prism,

(That is only fine artwork,

A replica of something we all think is real)

Crystallizing infinitesimal possibility,


No longer concealing our potential as a race behind a one dimensional veil of unawareness.


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Apprentice Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: flickr 

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