What a Woman Wants. ~ Annie Phenix {Poem}

Via Annie Phenix
on Apr 17, 2014
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Adam and Eve

You keep asking even though we have been together for 200,000 years.

So I will answer you. Please write this down and keep it with you so that we can

move on.

Women want—above all else—our own agency.

Do you know agency? You do, but only for yourself.

Why do you insist that women came from inside of you, from your ribs or your


We came here the same as you. We are equal to you. We know this scares you.

Get over it.

Women want your acknowledgement and not your fear of our natural abilities

and power.

Yes, I said power.

Our power is different from yours. Our power starts out as life-giving; yours

does not. Stop over compensating for this.

We want you to stop squabbling the world over and thus stop sending our

children to die in war. There is no time that is a good time for a war, oil or no oil.

We are especially tired of men who have never served in a war sending our sons

out so easily to die and to torment.

We want you to be able to weep.

To feel.

To empathize.

To transform and to not tear down.

We want peace.

These things, these are what women want.


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons


About Annie Phenix

Annie Phenix is a writer and professional dog trainer who lives on a Colorado ranch with her husband, five rescue dogs, two horses and six unbelievably cute donkeys. She is a popular columnist at Dogster.com and she is a writer for BARKS Magazine, the official publication of the Pet Professional Guild. Her work has appeared in the Huffington Post.


2 Responses to “What a Woman Wants. ~ Annie Phenix {Poem}”

  1. girish shah says:

    i would like to know other than forcefully hurting a women —what does a women not want in this world -if a man understands that he will be at peace

  2. John says:

    Sorry, but women keep electing warmongers and warprofiteers. Women pretending that women aren't fearful and greedy doesn't help. Each of us can only speak for and of ourselves; the rest is blatant bigotry–sorry to see such passing as poetry.