April 4, 2014

When I Was Wild. ~ Kara Wickwire


Sunsets and earth tones

Darker as we beat this endless day

Searching out their armor

Barely, understanding this

Just as I watch me

Through this empty glass

Holding tiny memories

Of what I was

When there were mountains

And trees I could never find

Shade in my palm that felt

Better than on land

Wooden plights and hatchets

Running wild in a canyon

Playing war like Janes

On bellies with pants torn

Searching out their thunder

Made painful golden hues

An epoch of smiles

Just as I watch me

Through this empty glass

I remember the utility

Of long forgotten pasts

Merged lives with invasives

Weeds ate up our civil souls

Strongest spirit within us

Was left on desert soil


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Apprentice Editor: Laura Ashworth/Editor: Travis May

Photo: elephant archives


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Read 6 comments and reply

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