I Had My First Orgasm on A Bicycle. {Adult}


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I had my first orgasm on a bicycle.

I know, it sounds kind of strange, but I’d like to think many women did. (Please, back me up, girls!)

At the age of 12, I realized that when I rode my bike down the biggest, bumpiest hill on the dirt road near the farm where I lived, there was this lovely vibrating sensation down there that felt really, really inexplicably good, the best physical feeling I’d ever known until then: warm, fuzzy and immensely pleasurable for up to 20 seconds or so.

However, it only worked when I flew down the hill as fast as possible, without hands on the handlebars!

So quite early on, orgasm for me was an exhilarating, yet highly addictive adventure.

One time, as a teenager, flying down a suburban street on my trusty bike, eyes closed in orgasmic ecstasy, I got a rude awakening when I suddenly crashed into the back of a parked car. Hard.

Turns out orgasms can be dangerous sometimes too.

I was a little more careful after that, but still continued to seek out the perfect hills for maximum clitoral stimulation, nearly crashing again on a number of occasions.

Then I discovered the electric toothbrush-cum-vibrator, which served me well for years. This was my routine: I’d press it hard against my clitoris, clench my legs tightly, contract all the muscles I could and breathe either really shallow or not at all.

First came the fast build up, then the point of no return, then finally that short, sharp explosion of pleasure that I so craved. Sweet release. My record from switching the toothbrush on to reaching that familiar, comforting clitoral climax was about 18 seconds. Sometimes I’d even have a few in a row. The ultimate sleeping pill.

But something was missing.

It wasn’t satisfying on a deeper level and I could rarely reach orgasm with a partner. I needed that damn electric toothbrush!

However, I discovered quite a few years ago that clitoral orgasms are not the only kind of orgasm that exists, and maybe they’re not even that beneficial for us long term.

In fact, clitoral orgasms are the most superficial, surface level orgasm a woman can have. The most powerful orgasms happen on the inside or in the whole body. Focusing only on the clitoris tends to make us feel tired or drained afterwards—often after one orgasm we want to stop, we become super sensitive there, it’s “too much” to continue.

Not to mention that if we only focus on the external part, how will we ever learn to awaken the sensitivity on the inside?

I once went to a Tantra lecture about orgasm for women where the lecturer outlined 54 different specific variations of female orgasm, some of them not even involving genitals! Now, I can’t say I’ve experienced all of those or that I completely believe it’s possible to have 54 different kinds of orgasms, but it does give us a slightly more expansive view than the generic clitoral friction model.

There’s the g-spot orgasm of course, then the lesser known a-spot, the u-spot, the cervical orgasm, the cervico-uterine orgasm, other orgasms in the vaginal canal, then whole body orgasms, nipple orgasms, and the list goes on.

In the end, however, it’s less about counting different kinds of orgasms or having orgasms and more about being orgasmic.

Men are not left out of this orgasmic bliss-fest either.

In traditional Tantra, men eventually learn not to ejaculate, but to rise the sexual energy up through the body and use it to realize their full potential, as well as have other kinds of orgasmic states.

Though generally it’s more challenging for men to experience multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms, it only takes time, knowledge, commitment and continuous practice, as well as letting go of the attachment to ejaculation. You basically need to trust that something else is possible.

I’ve had men tell me that since they learned how to have full body orgasms, they have no interest in ever ejaculating again. Ejaculation just became boring for them in comparison.

I remember being shocked to discover that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate functions, occurring in different parts of the brain and that the ejaculation actually prevents further orgasms through the abrupt ending of the sexual experience.

It’s not all about orgasms though.

I believe most of us have access to just a tiny part of our full sexual potential. Most people I speak with agree that one of the most ‘spiritual’ experiences of their lives, the most connected they felt to something transcendent, was during a special sexual experience with someone they love.

If we acknowledge the power of this sexual energy and rise it up though the body, instead of losing the energy in a few seconds of pleasure in ejaculation or clitoral friction, we can become more whole, conscious, blissful, ecstatic and connected human beings. After all, sexual energy is that which creates human life itself—it must be powerful stuff!

Why are extended states of orgasm so important?

During moments of true orgasm, we practically cease to exist. We are blasted into sweet oblivion, we become one with the universe, the mind disappears completely, all boundaries are dissolved and there is no more separation. That’s why the French call orgasm ‘le petit mort’ or ‘the little death’.

In her viral TED talks, Brene Brown tells us that “you can’t selectively numb emotions.” In fact; you can’t selectively numb anything.

Everything in our lives is connected. So when we don’t deal with our dwindling libido, or chronic lack of connection to our bodies, or obsessive porn watching, or body image shame or trauma from the past, then those things don’t magically disappear, they become more firmly entrenched and start to affect other areas of our lives too.

On the other hand, when we really move towards a place of sexual wholeness and connection, when we experience prolonged states of orgasmic bliss, then suddenly we notice other areas of our lives become more flowing and peaceful—stress disappears, we feel more connected to loved ones, even work is more bearable than usual, we feel more open towards life!

I’d even go so far as to say that if people were all having profound, deeply fulfilling sex, there’d probably be no rape, fights or even wars.

Who wants to kill anyone when you’re busy ecstatically dissolving into the vastness of the universe?

May we all experience ecstatic orgasmic bliss that gives us a taste of the infinite world beyond our limited ego, and eventually remember that this state of bliss is our true home.


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Apprentice Editor: Emily Bartran/Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Ines Honfi (Used With Permission)


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Bella Bliss

Bella Bliss is originally from Australia, but left her paradise home more than 2 years ago and moved to Copenhagen to study and work exclusively with Tantra, Tantric bodywork and Somatic Sexology in workshops, teachings, private sessions and coaching. Bella believes she has the best job in the world! She loves to support people to reawaken their natural state of ecstatic bliss, release limiting beliefs about sexuality, and connect with their true orgasmic essence in all areas of life. She is inspired by truth, love, freedom, nature, the present moment, embodiment, laughter, relationships, spontaneity, conscious movement, dance, yoga, Dzogchen, Tantra and of course, Bliss. You can connect with her at her website and on Facebook.


16 Responses to “I Had My First Orgasm on A Bicycle. {Adult}”

  1. Earth Guy says:

    Reading your story relates very closely to my own experience, even though I'm a male and didn't have my first orgasm riding a bicycle. I did though discover that whilst riding my bicycle upon rocky train with an erection did produce an extremely pleasurable sensation, leading towards the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced. Bicycles are not only good for the environment but also a very beneficial tool towards ones self discovery.

    • Bella Bliss says:

      Hi Earth guy… 🙂
      Wow! Yep, it's official, bicycles are amazing…. I am grateful for those days, but also happy to have discovered other kinds of ecstatic paths to orgasmic bliss now, they tend to last longer than it takes to ride down a hill….
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. jannerobinson says:

    "During moments of true orgasm, we practically cease to exist. We are blasted into sweet oblivion, we become one with the universe, the mind disappears completely, all boundaries are dissolved and there is no more separation. That’s why the French call orgasm ‘le petit mort’ or ‘the little death’."

    I LOVED this! And the entire article. Thank you for getting vulnerable Bella. Great read.


  3. Pete says:

    Hi Bella, That's a great article, and you're dead right! You're right too in saying it's a bit harder for guys – as a young and usually naked school kid I thought ejaculation, however and with whoever, was the whole point of sex (and of course boys are biologically programmed to fuck).Later I discovered the whole range of sexual ecstasy with a more experienced partner, and wish it were more widely said and practiced that orgasms not only enrich one's own life but that of others who encounter sexually active people as being unaggressive, affectionate and accepting. It can even happen, I now know, without an erection, and for a guy that's quite a discovery. One of God's better gifts!

    • blissrevival says:

      Hi Pete,
      Thanks for sharing! Yes, this cultural misconception that ejaculation is the same as orgasm is (as one of my Tantra teachers says) 'the greatest tragedy of our time'. I've seen men have whole body orgasms without any genital touch at all, it's a profound gift, and I sincerely hope all men can experience it sooner or later. 🙂

  4. Elise says:

    This was a beautifully written article! I think you for articulating so many things I myself have experienced (not on a bicycle, per sey, but similar) and have not been able to put into words. I applaud your honesty and genuine desire to communicate vulnerability.

    • blissrevival says:

      Thank you so much Elise, your words mean a lot to me, and I'm happy and a little surprised that my embarrassing story resonates with so many. 🙂
      Bella <3

  5. Polly says:

    Loved your story and admire your work. Do you know where the artwork is from in the beginning of your story?? Thanks

  6. blissrevival says:

    Hi Polly… Thank you!

    Yes, It's linked there, my friend and Tantric artist Ines Honfi painted it. Her website is http://www.ineshonfi.com
    Love Bella

  7. Margot says:

    Loved the article….but there's one glaring problem……."I’d even go so far as to say that if people were all having profound, deeply fulfilling sex, there’d probably be no rape, fights or even wars."
    Rape??? really???? sex has nothing to do with rape. Orgasm has nothing to do with rape. This is a very harmful statement. In a culture that is finally learning to understand what rape culture you have taken the wonderfulness of orgasm and thrown in a one word grenade. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other!

  8. blissrevival says:

    Hi Margot,

    Thanks for your comment… I understand your concern, but I'm not at all saying that rape has anything to do with deeply fulfilling sex. I'm saying that IF everyone was busy having deeply fulfilling sex, and fully embracing their sexuality in a natural, harmonious and respectful way, then rape would not be an issue in our culture anymore. As I see it, rape happens for many reasons, but partly due to severely repressed sexuality and unconscious behaviour patterns. If we learn to see sexuality as something beautiful, without shame, guilt or fear, our culture would be more free as a result.

  9. Nick says:

    I read this and was not really sure what to think , some of the replys are nothing short of amazing but that's as much to do with the story which is also amazing. Not sure I would want to put my life at risk for an orgasm. However it's here that things start to make sense, just what would you risk for an orgasm. We know perfectly well the need to fulfil our fantasys are great and that we all share a secret need to be caught making love or risk being caught achieving orgasm which is close to the same thing. So is it not the risk element here, I don't really think it is. I have always been a secret voyuer while also having a climbing fetish. When I was 14 I had a rather strange relationship with a girl who shared my climbing fetish, she was a year or so younger but we used to meet after school at the playground purely to develop our teenage desire for sex. Not full sex but anything remotely close to it. We spent lots of time kissing and petting touching each other's private parts without removing clothes was a particular favourite. However the one thing we shared was our ability to reach a climax without touching each other on the playground climbing frame. I had learned that not only could I get the most amazing orgasm from climbing the steel poles it would go on and on and I could do it almost as often as I liked as long as my arms would allow me to climb. Sheila who was more of a cell mate than a lover could also do this and we learned to make love together on those exercise poles without even touching our own private parts let alone each other's I recall one very steamy session we had been kissing and petting knowing all the time we would climb watching each other as the funny feeling as we called it flushed through our body's. The petting always left me wanting more and the thought of getting my hands inside her underwear still haunts me today. On this occasion I had been football training and was wearing just my shorts and a support underneath. Sheila was wearing a short corduroy dress that had a zip at the front which ran all the way up. We would play games with each other to raise the stakes usually involving the removal of clothing which would enhance our games, on this occasion I had to remove my athletic support and Sheila undo her zip fully. As we stood opposite each other on the playground poles my eyes fully engaged on bra and panties completely visible through her open dress while her eyes watched my shorts as my prick became stiffer and stiffer inside my shorts. We climbed almost in unison to the mid point on the poles as the first flutterings entered out bodies once half way up we would disengage our legs drawing them up and down in a shimmying movement that would intensify the feelings now well in our abdomen. Watching intently Sheila's eyes started to close as she splayed her legs allowing her dress to fall away exposing her panty covered crotch to the pole. For me this was just to much the climbing had raised the funny feeling to such an extent my prick fully erect now with foreskin retracted was rubbing on my shorts and the feeling took me over the top to a bone crushing hands free climax. I'm not exactly certain who got there first but it was the best ever and we both ended up collapsed on the ground at the base of the poles completely done in my prick erect and throbbing having cum inside my shorts a good deal more than usual

  10. Guest says:

    Bella, A very hot and sexy story.

  11. Steve says:

    Interested to read this. I am male and I had the first of many orgasms on my bicycle as a teenager. My bike had a lovely wide soft springy saddle and I loved the sensation of riding over bumpy road surfaces at high speed. I used to get my bike into low gear so I could turn the pedals very fast. I loved the warm fuzzy sensation this gave me and it led to an erection and subsequent ejaculation

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