May 4, 2014

Look Good Naked. ~ Daniel Gasparino

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Regardless of age, a lifestyle focused on making positive improvements can make a world of difference, but what about simply wanting to look good naked?

My utmost focus is on the wellness and health of my members. Sure, we all want to eat less processed food, maybe organic, lift some (maybe heavy) weights, run, have fun while sweating, but ultimately is there always the voice that recognizes the physical form.

Wanting a smaller waist, slimmer thighs, a broader back or defined triceps are appearing or becoming the driving force of our lifestyle.

The battles, the personal records and the days we just can’t do it anymore; the workouts that leave us breathless; the nights out we turned down, for an early morning workout and the ice cream we didn’t eat, that unknowingly got us back on track.

The confidence we gain from these changes are palpable. Knowing that something we deemed unobtainable or even thought impossible are becoming, sometimes slowly, a reality.

Through push and shove we did it.

One step closer to our goals. One less handful of nuts, choosing meat and veggies over pasta, getting in that extra CrossFit WOD or taking time to recover, with a yoga class. That organic broccoli sautéed in garlic and olive oil and grass-fed beef you ate for dinner. That extra five pounds you put on your dead-lifts.

We pictured how good we wanted to look. Naked. In a tank top. On the beach or in the bedroom. In a suit or in a dress. It was all purely superficial.

We were driven and determined, however something happened, something unexpected and unintentional. We are now healthy, eating a whole food diet, and following an active lifestyle.

Did we stumble upon health and wellness dressed in a fit body?

Making healthy decisions can drive the superficial. Optimum wellness and a body that looks great naked are the same path. They go hand in hand. They aren’t exclusive.


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Assistant Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock/Editor: Travis May

Photo: Wikimedia, Earle K. Bergley

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Read 2 comments and reply

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