May 28, 2014

Luckiest Goat Alive will Melt Your Heart. ~ Kathryn Muyskens {Video}

Frostie the Snow goat

This little guy is the luckiest goat alive!

Frostie the snow-goat, as his adoptive family named him, has what is known as joint navel ill disease. It’s a debilitating and life threatening condition that affects very young calves and goat kids. Joint navel ill disease starts as an infection in the umbilical cord, and in Frostie’s case, it’s left him unable to use his hind legs. It could have ended his life.

Enter, Pam Ahern and the Edgar Mission. They saved Frostie and gave him a wheelchair to help him get around.

If his little bleats tug at your heart strings, you’re not alone. He sounds just like a baby. All he needs is some love and affection, and he can overcome anything, from losing the use of his legs, to a bad case of lice, and even a deadly bacterial infection.

Now look at him go! 

Pam and the Edgar Mission run a farm sanctuary, home to over 300 rescued animals. Learn more about Frostie, and the Edgar Mission here

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Apprentice Editor: Kathryn Muyskens / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Youtube screenshot

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