May 24, 2014

Remember When We Were Kids? ~ Celeste Shea {Poem}

kids with kites

Remember when we were kids?

We would run with wild abandon,
fall and skin our knees,
use bandaids and the wounds healed quickly.

Now, healing seems to take longer.
The abandonment of others and self
rubs salt in an exposed heart.

We were children of light,
and life was easy as it could be.

Now, we spend all our time
wrestling that scared inner child.

The one that hides and screams,
causing confusion,
leaving us to search for answers.

We wrestle when we should soothe.
We went from nurtured,
to needing to nurture ourselves.

It wasn’t better then or worse now.
We’re still children of light,
with a few more scars.
Now, life is easy as we allow it to be.<

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Apprentice Editor: Cami Krueger / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo Credit: Pixoto user Suta Wijaya

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