May 3, 2014

The Land of the Mystics.


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With one foot in the realm of emptiness and one in the realm of form, the Mystic dwells.

The Mystic is a spiritual excavator, digging in, penetrating reality, cutting away the things that aren’t really present to find the Truth.

The Mystic walks a path, not of belief or devotion, but of transformation, spiritual revolution, awakening, unleashing true potential.

The Mystic dwells in a state of Dreamy Wonder, seeing the world as wonderful and wonder-filled.

The Mystic tends to see words like ‘religious’, ‘spiritual’, and even ‘God’ as ultimately insufficient to explain the beautiful wondrous nature of the Universe. Words fail to describe Ultimate Reality.

The Mystic is a seer, always seeing the world through different eyes, with a broad view of the world instead of a narrow one.

The Mystic dwells in luminous emptiness, understanding that wisdom tells me I am nothing and love tells me I am everything.

The Mystic is a spiritual seeker, always on the journey to accumulate more wisdom, never finished learning and practicing.

The Mystic seeks Unity and is devoted to dissolving barriers, bringing beings together instead of tearing them apart.

The Mystic sees the Divine and Sacred in all things.

The Mystic sees the world as connected and bound together by love. If love is all then love is everyone.

The Mystic sees the Seed of Enlightenment in all beings and blesses them all as Buddhas-to-be.

The Mystic travels to Ultimate Reality, bringing a little back every time.

I am the Mystic.

You can be too.

If you’re open to it.

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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Flickr


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Read 1 comment and reply

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