May 3, 2014

To Dream is Human. ~ Angkush Poonye

Inspired by Alex Teuscher photo: Dare To Dream

The dark is vital.

Every passing moment bears testimony of new goals being set, endless rays of hope and foreordained rejuvenation. Indeed, dreaming has given birth to much-debated subjects such as economics (human wants are insatiable) as well as numerous conflicting philosophical principles.

Yet, our dreams tend to shatter for various reasons that are not easily deciphered.

At times we wrongly play our ace owing to unfavorable timing and place. Our pace can also pose a threat to our goal if it was unsuitably determined. Some dreams break despite our unflagging effort. In this case, it is better to look for another opportunity rather than ruminate on what was missing in our dedication.

What actually holds us back is the dark—the sense of rejection and dejection felt if we “fail.” In an attempt to thwart the dark, we can see ourselves as a swashbuckling pirate, stuck in his boat in the middle of some deep ocean, drawn into a maelstrom of chaotic weather conditions. Despite these obstacles, he must try to achieve his aim—be it finding an island or a hidden treasure.

Just like the pirate has to cope with the streaking lighting and whipping rain in order to get closer to his goal, what can we do on our side to cope with our dark zone?


The very first step is to dare ourselves. We should believe that we have the potential to step out of our comfort zone and to face new challenges so as to achieve something new.


When we have already decided to dare, we must try our best to take the most effective and efficient actions that will aid us in getting closer to our aim. However, we may not always opt for the best choice, and in that case, experimenting might be best.


Despite much perseverance we often feel stuck on the starting line or we feel as though the obstacles ahead keep on increasing. When this happens, it is advisable to stay firm because we never know when we are just a few feet away from the jackpot.


If it is meant to be a success, it will be so and our obstacles will be knocked down completely at a given time. However, life is no fairy tale and often we are knocked out even after many trials. At times like these, it is better to let go and to look for new horizons.

The dark is vital, it is the only moment when we are completely alone without the support of our own shadow.

It may help us to break free and to realize nobody owes us anything and that we are our own, only savior. However, it is completely justified to be racked by conflicting feelings when things do not go as planned—but that should not stop us from moving forward.

After all, to dream is human.

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Apprentice Editor: Ola Weber/ Editor: Travis May

Photo: Courtesy of Alex Teuscher

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Read 2 comments and reply

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