May 14, 2014

To Love or Not to Love? ~ Sana Atik {Poem}

Cliff Diving

There lies a dilemma in the face of all those who seek for true love.

That is, when life offers us a chance to break open, to live fully, to love truly, and to experience something we have only ever dreamt of.

Do we, take up the challenge and dive in.

Or recoil into the depths of our fears.


Dive in wise-eyed and knowing.

Knowing, or more so, aware of the consequences, the possibilities, the probabilities.

Of being wounded, of getting our heart broken, of having to endure great sorrow, of buckets of tears and boxes of tissues.

Dive in knowing that, if not this, then love shall reveal itself in all its glory in front our very own eyes, in the eagerness of our wide open hands.


For diving into love reveals a bliss beyond measure,

A lesson not learnt from any book,

An opening of the heart from within,

A surge of inspiration.

Inspiration for the heart for many the years to come.

A moment which speaks out, that we have truly lived.

Lived a wholesome life.

Lived through the pain, the sorrow, the heart ache,

And most gratifyingly,

Lived through the gloriousness of life, of pure love, of oneness.


When such a love finds its way to our heart,

No fear shall ever stop us.

Stop us from diving in.

For we shall spend the days before the uniting of this love,

On holding our breath for a little bit longer each time.

Secretly preparing for the dive.

And when it is time,

Our breath will carry us through.

Through whatever may come from this journey of love.


For to love surpasses all fear.

All fear of pain, of sorrow, and of heart ache.

I would rather dive in and love than to hold tight my dear heart in these fearful little hands,

Fearful of what is merely life itself.

I would rather dive in, even it means spending the rest of my days picking up the pieces of my shattered heart.

For in the putting together of this broken heart,

I shall learn what this heart was in truth made up of, what it consists of, what makes it beat.

It gives me a chance to re-examine which pieces still fit and what needs to be recycled.

Recycled back into the stream of my blood,

So that it may be purified.

Purified of its venomous edges.

So that it no longer causes pain.

But harmoniously slips back into its place once again.


For there is no better moment to look into the depths of our heart so closely,

With so much humility, than when it has been deconstructed.

Deconstructed by love itself.

It ushers a time to look into what belongs in our heart and what no longer does.

Only when the pieces are scattered in front of our very own eyes,

Can we identify what has been in our heart.

What we have been carrying, which we must now unload,

The burdens of lost loves, of self harm, of painful trials and tribulations.

And what we are still missing,

A love worthy of our splendid being.


So I accept my heart to be broken, if it must.

I accept because the pieces shall fall into my very own hands.

So that I may put them back together as I wish,

As I have always wanted to.

Here lies my chance to revisit my hearts beatings.

To become the discoverer of my heart.

The creator of the path.

The path of the heart.

The beacon of light,

Light leading from the heart to the soul.


So shall there be a chance to love,

I choose to love.

Love, regardless of fear.

Love with wise-eyes,

And a stance for my very own heart.

Love for the sake of love itself,

And only itself.

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Apprentice Editor: Lauryn Delgrado / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photos:  Don Vick/Wikimedia Commons

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