June 26, 2014

10 Easy Ways to Recharge. ~ Mercy Hernandez

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We live in a society where fast food and traffic light cameras are the way of life.

It is often difficult to slow down and appreciate what is in front of us—especially with grueling work schedules, children, and significant others tugging at our feet.

It is imperative to take even a few moments for ourselves before we continually drain our batteries.

Here are some ways I recharge:

1. Take a walk in nature…alone…and without distractions like an iPod or cell phone. I am always amazed how beautiful nature’s own music is.

2. Take a deep breath. Breathing is the most basic of body functions and taken the most for granted. I am grateful that I can do it with ease.

3. Buy a beautiful journal and write my dreams, hopes, fears, and history. No one has the same.

4. Get in touch with an old friend just because. Stay connected to people. Nourish my support system.

5. Clear any clutter. A cluttered home/desk/room/car is a cluttered mind.

6. Write someone an unexpected letter or love note and mail it.

7. Spend time with an animal. I’ve found that there is a lot that we can learn from them. They are much wiser than we are, they accept each other and themselves as they are, and live in the moment.

8. Learn something new. We spend a lot of time honing our writing craft on elephant journal, but I often try to seek out other amazing talents that have been dormant.

9. Smile and laugh often, especially at myself. My mom is the happiest person I know and she has the laugh lines she is most proud of to prove it. We can take life so seriously. Have a sense of humor. Without one, life’s knocks can keep you knocked out.

10. Write what I am appreciative of before I go to bed each night. I can take many things for granted. Having a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in should be on the top of the list.


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