30 Photos, before & after: Photoshop has a long & glorious, hot & fun pre-History.

Via elephant journal
on Jun 13, 2014
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Love thyself as you are, then you can improve:

Before Photoshop, there was pinup art. (NSFW) (imgur.com)

The imagination is a fun thing. Being okay with ourselves is even better.

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“In most of the cases the artist made the image more slender and prettier than the actual model. So, nothing has changed…Waists get thinner, legs get leaner, boobs get bigger.”

“Except that in these pictures, it’s … obvious it’s an illustration and that the woman pictured could look different, or could simply have been imagined by the artist. Photoshop presents an image of a real person, and the intention is to make you think they actually look like what you see. IMO, one is intentionally misleading, and the other is not.”

“As a strait chick, I’ve always wondered what it is about American pinup girls that I like. Looking these over, I think I’ve figured it out. It’s the positive sexuality they portray. The pictures aren’t demeaning to their subjects in any way and the girls themselves are like, “Yeah, you know I’m hot!” In a society where it’s not okay for a woman to publicly admit that they know they are attractive, this is kind of refreshing.”




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12 Responses to “30 Photos, before & after: Photoshop has a long & glorious, hot & fun pre-History.”

  1. pnutgalry says:

    also duck face is apparently nothing new….

  2. In_defense_of_art says:

    "Photoshop"? Bullshit. This is painting. Photoshop is a computer program, not a blanking term for changing what isn't ideal in an image. Call it altering, changing, fixing, even ruining if you want, but don't demean the effort of the artist by calling it Photoshop. These images are made by hand, not a computer.

  3. what? says:

    I disagree, I DO find it demeaning to women! Women as sex objects is SO engrained in our culture! WOW! I get that this is 1950's '60s, but this is not the message I would want to send to our daughters.

  4. Mark says:

    Some are pretty close to the original. Nope, they're not demeaning to women.

  5. @kent_leung says:

    I disagree with: "In a society where it’s not okay for a woman to publicly admit that they know they are attractive, this is kind of refreshing.”"

    I can think of countless magazine covers, count-less celebrities in the current age that portrays: "Yea. You know I'm hot". Giving off such a message is the norm, and has been for awhile. For problem lies in why can't the image given off (by a women) be: "Yea. You know I'm intelligent.", "Yea. You know I'm powerful.", "Yea. You know I'm rich.", "Yea. You know I make great business decisions under pressure.", "Yea. I'm a great scientist even under criticism." etc., etc.

  6. susan says:

    Mark the only people who get to decide is something is demeaning to women is women. You do not get a vote. When are men going to figure it out?!! smh

  7. Jsf says:

    They have showed these photos before. The ladies on the left were re-creating the old photos. There is nothing photo shop about these because the pictures were around a long time before these ladies decided to pose for them

  8. Cindy says:

    Who are YOU to tell anyone what they can or can't have an opinion on?

    If he believes something isn't demeaning to women, it's his right to have that opinion regardless of what does or doesn't dangle between his legs. Are YOU forbidden from having an opinion on issues that only affect men? Hell no. So shut your hypocritical, sexist mouth.

    You aren't the thought police, and you never will be. Sincerely, a WOMAN who is tired of hearing sexist, anti-male feminazi BS on a daily basis.

  9. Brian says:

    That’s false. The images were painted by Gil Elvgren. Most were from the 40s and 50s. The photos on the left were his photo reference taken before he painted the pin-up. They weren’t taken after. There are several books on him that show his process and alot of them are a bargain. Painters take photo reference before they paint so they can play with poses and better figure out their layout before they put the brush to canvas.

  10. Mat says:

    Susan, I think your comment is demeaning to women. Using your shallow, cookie-cutter logic no one, who wasn't black, could look at Jim Crow era pictures of 'whites only' drinking fountains and say it was demeaning to blacks because they're not black.
    We also can't decide what is or is not animal abuse because we're not animals.
    Finally, you have no vote in what it is men have or have not to figure out, because you're not a man.

  11. Mat says:

    Elvgren was the best of the best but, to compare, in any way, a Master's work with paint and canvas to computer photo manipulation is simply missing the entire point.

  12. josh says:

    I would definitely bend any of those hotties over a barrel, and show them the 50 states.