June 26, 2014

A Simple, All-Natural Cure for Congestion.


The cure for what ails you.

It’s day five of this flu funk nasty. Headache, congestion, tightness in my chest, feverish heat waves and overall fatigue and malaise. Not the fun stuff.

I will blame it on the airports and airplanes I’ve recently been on. But the reality is of course that my immune system was down enough to pick up this funk in the first place.

I am pulling out all the tricks in the book: from Ayurveda and homeopathy, to echinacea support, essential oils, medicinal soups and baths, and all the other extreme self care techniques I know to do. It’s radical self care time!

There’s one remedy that is my all time favorite go-to though. Having been raised with Ayurvedic regimens, and by a health savvy mother, the ol’ turmeric and honey trick is standard protocol in my book for coughs and colds. It’s the best for breaking up congestion, while simultaneously building immunity.

Here’s the super simple recipe:

Equal parts high quality, organic turmeric powder and raw, unfiltered honey.

Turmeric is well researched and well known for being an amazing herb for healing. Its anti-inflammatory properties are exceptional and its immune boosting abilities are unparalleled. The raw honey acts as the “carrier”, taking the turmeric where it needs to go within the body.

Turmeric is, however, heating in Ayurvedic wisdom. In other words, a little goes a long way- especially with Pitta, fire types, or during the heat of summer. It should always be treated with care and caution. In other words, use in moderation and don’t overdose your self. As with anything, too much of a good thing can actually be harmful.

Use this recipe when you really need an extra boost and are very congested, but don’t overdo it- especially if there’s already excess heat in the body.

Enjoy the strong taste of turmeric, mixed with the sweetness of honey. Then let this simple potion do its magic.


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Editor: Renée Picard

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