June 19, 2014

Change the World by Giving. ~ Tony Samara


“Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity” ~ Tony Samara

It is interesting that most people reach a point in their lives where they accept the feeling of being alive but not quite to the extent that they wish this aliveness to be.

Divine ecstasy is the ecstasy one feels that is beyond the joy and happiness that comes from the mundane aspects of life and this status quo feeling. This can be found naturally within each one of us and is the wonderful bridge that connects us to all humanity and giving us the feeling of being one with all of creation.

Unfortunately, the ego, which searches for the mundane happiness through the senses and the satisfaction of the material aspects of our existence, is like a thin patch of cloud that prevents the true light of our hearts from being seen.

It is often so cloudy for most of us with all the activities of daily life that our inner selves forget that there is a light beyond this patch of cloud.

What does it take for this cloud to disperse so that we can again see the beautiful light of the sun that is shining naturally around all humanity?

The ego is like a divider dividing what can be experienced into two aspects. It creates the impression that we are separate aspects of creation—that you are one, I am another and so forth.

When the ego vanishes, that is when the ego again connects to the aspect of ourselves that is deeper than the mundane, the aspect of ourselves that is beyond the senses and detached from materialism. We then realize our own inner consciousness that connects us to the evolution of human consciousness.

I have been asked where does this evolution lead us?

This can be answered in two very simple words—selfless love.

When we go beyond judging others and ourselves, through the aspect that judges which is the ego, then we don’t condemn ourselves to the superficial. Rather we give birth to our depth, which is embodied through the aspect of love that we are all born with.

So what can we do in a practical sense so that the ego and our true self can dwell as intimate friends in the same body?

I believe we can detach ourselves from the mundane aspects that grab our attention in daily life and rather than feed the ego with food that doesn’t nourish it, why not perform kind acts that help us to see what love means in action?

This love in action can be measured in many ways. It is not simply by being nice or saying nice things to people, but rather going deeply into the energy that divides us from the sense of love.

This energy can also be measured in many ways. In our modern world, it is surely measured to a great extent in the form of monetary wealth. There is nothing wrong with monetary wealth when we see that it is a form of energy for us to share and, in this understanding, the more wealth the better. This is the new paradigm for the era that we are entering.

Rather than a poverty mentality of there not being enough or having to struggle in an impoverished world, why not realise that the abundance—that wealth exists.

Many of us forget that money is a form of energy and is often, in today’s world, expressed in a selfish way. Whatever we have in a monetary sense, we like to hold onto in the hope that it will fulfill happiness by fulfilling mundane and material aspects that the ego believes will nourish ourselves with happiness and love.

This belief system needs to change as an expression of what we all deeply want:


I believe that the best way for love to increase is by giving rather than holding on.

In this light we know that to receive, we need to give. As we learn this in action and through practical means by truly giving, then we open ourselves to receive unlimited abundance as we release our limited programmes and belief systems of impoverishment and allow the new experience of giving to become part of our enlightened belief system.

Following this philosophy, I encourage you all to consider contributing unconditionally 10% of your savings, if any, and 10 percent of your monthly earnings to a humanitarian, ecological or spiritual cause of your choice in the knowledge that this action of love will again awaken the true self into realising itself in the oneness of life.

When we as individuals realise this then surely we change the world.

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Apprentice Editor: Jessica Sandhu/ Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Flickr

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