June 24, 2014

How to Celebrate the Sun.


National Solar Day of Action was this Saturday, June 21st.

Don’t know what that means for you? Well, it means that—thanks to a company called Mosaic—we have the chance to help choose which public buildings will get funding for solar panels.

The LA Times describes Mosaic as an “online solar energy investment firm that connects investors with proposed solar projects…Since 2011, it has helped finance more than 20 large solar projects for public buildings such as community centers, schools an affordable housing units.”

For every 50 people who click on a particular place on it’s website, Mosaic will donate 100 dollars toward solar panels.

It’s a unique way to fund solar power that gives individuals a real ability to participate, to let them have their say about the future of public buildings in an accessible way.

We can help support solar panels for schools, community centers and libraries with just a few clicks!

Mosaic Places is only a few days old and viewers have already nominated more than 1000 buildings across the country.

Don’t know much about solar power and its potential? Check out some of these videos below:

And just for fun:


Visit the Mosaic Places website now to have your say in the future of solar power.

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