June 24, 2014

If I Can Say That I’m Falling in Love with You. ~ Ally Hensley {Poem}


love street couple walk statue

If I can say that I’m falling in love with you,

If I can say that I’m so tired, I’m breaking
If I can whisper please, please fix this,
I can hope that we are dreams making.

If I can ask you how your wedding plans are turning into real,
If I can muster up the bravery to ask your colour of quill,
If I can step away and see her joy, and angst for the big day
I can see that these moments of pleasure are cruel, and futile, let’s pray.

If for me to crumble before you
If for me to say The End,
If for me to say that I let you go,
Then go, just go, don’t pretend.
If I watched you for a second more,
If I retracted all that I said,
If I deleted your number like you did me,
I would have begged and begged and begged.

You bought me a flower, rose water and peace,
A friendship, a shoulder, a night time aperitif,
You settled my aching heart, you settled my nerves,
Then you bought me an aching heart, it was mine again served.

I am more than crumbs; I am more than a voice,
I am more than long legs, blonde hair and a choice,
I am more than an email, to be played with at will,
I am more than stoicism; I am kind and gentle,
I may not be so strong, with houses and a car
I may be eager to love, with brutality from afar,
I may not be her, a mother that you see,
But Alison I am and powerful is me.



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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Mario Mancuso at Flickr

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