June 18, 2014

Planetary Transits + Jyotish Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle {06.13 to 06.26}.



Full Moon:

Full Moon is June 12th at 23:10 CDT. This full Moon brings with it a power and intensity that can provoke inner change. Capitalize on this and bring intention to what you are ushering in. What strength and power are you inviting in during the next cycle? As the Moon slowly empties, how can your bring this sense of bravery, courage and strength with you? How can this super sensitivity be a powerful tool for you in the coming weeks? Have you made your full Moon mandala yet? Here are some ideas.

Themes that carry us through the coming waning cycle:

Explore emotional depth and the intersection of the mental/emotional bodies. What structural shifts need to occur in your life? What structural shifts are naturally occurring? Look closely for the sliver of light that has emerged in the past weeks, the dawning that is occurring. Relationships are getting re-patterned, re-structured and re-negotiated.

Can you feel these shifts occurring in your contracts? What is feeling supportive and nurturing? What is not? What have you been learning about what feels helpful and stabilizing for you? Are you ready to cut loose all that doesn’t? How dramatically are you willing to shift and change these old contracts so that you can get your needs met in more life-supporting ways? You don’t have to commit to anything yet.

Just be open to new possibilities, new tools, new options and new resources arriving to you. However, do find a door to close and don’t look back. It’s time to be dramatic.

Full Moon Chart:

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.07.13 AM












Upcoming Transits:

Big shifts and changes occur back to back on 06.15, signaling the momentous changes afoot with the planets and our felt experiences. These are the changes for June 15th that lead us into the upcoming multiple planetary changes:

Sun moves into Gemini just minutes after midnight, where it joins a sandhi Jupiter and a retrograde Mercury there. Sun transits Gemini until 07.16. These three planets receive drishti from Rahu, which enlivens movement, force and uncertainties. This new cycle of Sun brings heightened creative potential, possibility and a changeable nature. Fears and concerns over “doing the right thing” crop into our minds and this effect our actions and ability to act. There may be a sense of confusion as a result.

Simultaneously, this may cause an increase in our creative potential, we may try new things as a result and we may end up finding new resources and possibilities because of our moveable minds. Watch out for self sabotage and self destructive tendencies. Are you derailing your self on purpose? Or do you need to be forcing a change in your behaviors and patterns? Listen carefully to your needs at this time.

Also on June 15th, Venus moves to Krittika nakshatra for roughly ten days. This heightens the cutting and changes in our relationships, creative process and will likely bring a new clarity with it. Simplify, get organized, cut away what does not serve you in your life. This purging will bring purification and transformations as a result. This is preparing us for the upcoming Jupiter cycle where we will all have an opportunity to receive more balance within our hearts and emotions, more nourishment in our relationships and life experience. Cut and purge as though your life depends on it. It does.

The other change on 6.15 that happens is Mercury moves back into Mrigashirsha nakshatra, a very movement oriented star that is symbolized by the deer. Mercury, our mental body, is always changing, always moving and is connected to consistent fluctuations. The deer symbol reiterates this “twitchy” nature. Retrograde Mercury in its dance backwards, is re-visiting this nakshatra and inviting in some other possibilities that you may have missed on the first cycle through. Pick up clues and be cognizant of symbols that resurface. Deja vu? Be alert like a deer and notice everything. There will be laser sharpness in the mind at this time.

Strategize, make lists, set attainable goals, get organized. Avoid mental land mines and mind ruts. Too in the head? Get embodied.

Venus moves to its own sign of Taurus on 06.18 at 07:08 am CDT away from Mars’s drishti and the conjunction of Ketu. This may be the stabilizing force that allows us to make more lasting and life-supporting changes for ourselves during the next month. With all the instability and changeability in the planets right now, this grounding earthiness of Venus in Taurus can help us ground and get the nourishment and support we need in order to make more high level decisions and take very effective action. Resource with this support.

Use dance and art to find nurturing and comfort, to create the life you are moving into. Enjoy the simple comforts available right now. As Venus moves into Gemini on July 13th, rather dramatic and abrupt shifts will be happening simultaneously with Rahu and Ketu moving signs and Rahu and Mars conjoining in Virgo (Venus’s debilitation sign). Sudden changes are on the horizon. For now, use stability and grounding as a resource.

Just as Venus moves into Taurus, Jupiter makes his momentous change into Gemini later that day at 20:24 CDT. I’ve written extensively on this transit. For greater insights on this 13 month transit visit my Exalted Jupiter articles part one and two.

Need some guidance and clarity for this coming year? Schedule a yearly progression with me.

Solstice occurs on 6.21 at 05:54 am CDT. It is officially summer for the Northern Hemisphere. Just before midnight on 6.21, Sun moves into Ardra nakshatra, heightening our connection to Rudra and Rahu until 7.05. Emotional upheaval, intense movement and change, calamities and uncertainties may be increased. Some worldly success may be provided for some in the coming weeks, but watch for excessive cravings simultaneously. This will be an excellent time to navigate our emotional body with very deliberate awareness as we will likely be feeling some passing clouds and stormy weather.

Venus moves to Rohini nakshatra on 6.26 just in time for the new Moon. The creative energy should be palpable at this time as Venus is also in its own sign of Taurus. Jupiter is stronger at this time and Rahu and Ketu intensify as they near the very edge of Libra and Aries respectively. Desires and letting go increase simultaneously. Keep these themes in mind in the next few weeks as we near their transition.

New Moon is on 6.27 at 3:09 am CDT while Moon is in Gemini and Ardra nakshatra. Moon will be with Sun there (also in Ardra) and a retrograde sandhi Mercury. There’s a certain intensity with this new Moon. Watch your speech and communications. More on this new cycle in my next transit report.

Horoscopes for 6.13 to 6.27

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Income starts to even out and stabilize over the course of this cycle but not without some headaches and effort. Home and heart matters may feel weak and overburdened so keep things small and simple as much as possible. Work with emotions consciously and navigate the inner realms with intention. Speak and sing, communicate and share effectively, clearly and concisely. Get creative and use your hands. Clean up your diet and your relationships.

Taurus: You are getting much more support right now. Are you feeling the grounding? Likely the head feels strong and creative, powerful and resourceful, but the stomach still demands your attention. The physical body is calling for you to attend to its needs and to not neglect this powerful tool of awareness. What are you learning about speech and stomach? Comfort and digestion? What you ingest and what you get out of it (your digestion/assimilation process)? Continue to look for themes between nourishment and support and the gut and digestion. They are inseparable.

Gemini: Your mind is getting some very usable laser focus right now. Your past is informing your future actions. As Mercury continues to retrograde in your first house, use your past to inform your future. What needs to change for you in order to make some powerful forward strides? As Jupiter moves into your 2nd house, comfort and nourishment begins to rise, albeit slowly. Share your thoughts and words, your heart and emotions with others. Ground and stabilize with alone time. Let go of friends that aren’t true blue and change the way you share your gifts.

Cancer: Endings turn to beginnings as Jupiter moves into your first house. Though losses and letting go continue to be a theme for you, trust that ample space is being made for newness inside and out. Your heart space and home space are getting a powerful cleanout. Create and use your hands- let this activate your higher wisdom. Let friends nourish and support you, comfort and stabilize you. Look for the support, seek it out, and ground. Trust the changes in your career to make more sense in the coming months.

Leo: Career finds a new creative and supportive edge with a bit of notoriety to boot. Enjoy the purpose and power you are capable of creating. Friendships may be intense right now so navigate carefully. As Jupiter moves into your 12th house, you begin a cycle of letting go, which may involve relationships- so let the letting go begin now. Cut loose what does not feel safe, supportive and nurturing. Invite in and create space for a greater sense of depth, power and purpose to arrive in the coming months.

Virgo: Clarity and focus come to you with a powerful edge- causing some relief as well as upheaval. Don’t over think, just continue to take effective action steps. The pieces will fall into place accordingly. You are still worried about support and comfort, getting your needs met and the nourishment you require. This is more mental and emotional than anything, so work on the pieces within that need to shift in order for lasting change. Working with the upheaval and the challenges around these concerns are valuable resources for you. Don’t negate them. As Jupiter moves into your 11th house, friends become powerful allies of support. For now, look to education and teachers for greater stability, creativity and awareness.

Libra: Storm season isn’t quite over for you, but suddenly new possibilities and options arrive making you feel more hopeful. This is a great time to upgrade your skills, gain new knowledge, teach and share your wisdom. Likely there’s some sharpness, some new clarity that can get you moving in a more forward direction. Money matters and resources stabilize- seemingly coming from the unknown, from your depths. Perhaps you’re getting some payback? Watch for overspending though. Relationship contracts continue to get restructured. Focus on your career right now.

Scorpio: Endings and letting go continue to be themes that hold powerful awareness for you. Continue to use this as a resource for growth and transformation. Speak, sing and share about consciousness and self expansion. Use your experiences with loss as a connector, not a separator. Relationships strengthen right now- utilize them for finding greater stability and support, nourishment and grounding. There are things you can trust. Trust this. You and your powers of connection are in transformation right now. Teach, share, advise. People are ready to listen.

Sagittarius: Relationships continue to bring a bit of an edge with them. Sometimes they feel supportive and helpful, but mostly they don’t quite satisfy your needs. What really needs to shift and change in order for you to attract more nourishing and safe connections? Look in new places for answers- within your Self and within new environments. Change your scenery. As Jupiter moves to your 8th house, you begin a powerful year of transformation, letting go and sifting through your past. The work and the challenges will be well worth the effort it will require from you.

Capricorn: Relationships bring new themes of comfort and support as well as resources once Jupiter moves to your 7th house. Heart and emotions still feels unstable, unpredictable and unsatisfied though. Career continues to change- capitalize on this instability and use it as a resource for your work and how you offer your self. Clean up your diet and watch what you eat. Eat plenty of steamed leafy greens. Work with children, get creative, gain knowledge through your passions. Teach and speak directly from your wisdom, mistakes, lessons and bad habits. You’ll be speaking from the gut.

Aquarius: The beauty and grace in your heart feels more tangible and solid in the coming weeks. Use this to find a sense of inner reliability and greater self sufficiency. You are embarking on a clean up cycle as Jupiter moves into your 6th house. Think of it as an initiation process. Make your body, mind and spirit the number one priority. Seek knowledge, wisdom and support from educational resources, gurus and guides. Work with your anger and use it as a tool of awareness and growth. Don’t let it stay in the dark.

Pisces: Heart, emotions and relationships come with a strong edge. Think before you speak. This is a time of great house cleaning and finding new creativity for your life. Be bold and courageous  and let go of everything that is not serving your higher purpose. Be a warrior in cutting your losses and free up some much needed heart space. Work on themes of nourishment and support, boundaries, needs and what you ingest- physically and metaphorically. Prepare for a new cycle of passion and growth.

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