June 15, 2014

The Vital Creative Flame & the Conditions of Matter. ~ Patrick Holiman

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Interestingly, the mind can formulate questions it cannot answer, or answer with philosophies or push doctrines that are not the answer.

So what is truth all about?

The entire Triloki (tri means three, loki means worlds) is the creation of the drop, which Dr. Stone (founder of Polarity Therapy) refers to as “The Vital Creative Flame.” The drop has separated from the ocean and is now in a ‘compounded ‘ creation (things become complicated).

This means it is no longer One but Many.

This process was compounded by first the coming of the drop, then maya came and merged with it (maya includes space and things in space, kal as time—past, present and future, and the law of karma—cause and effect). The three gunas (conditions of mind and matter—positive rajas), negative (tamas) and neutral (satva) and the five elements combined, and all ten mingled to give form the creative process. These include the drop, the maya, the three gunas, and the five elements—ether, air, fire, water and earth.

The root form and cause of Triloki are the three worlds (causal, astral and physical) and the four forms of life (mammals conceived in the womb; birds, fish and reptiles hatched from eggs; insects, worms and parasites born with the change of seasons and decay of organic matter; and vegetation born from soil).

Whenever there is compounding, thought must also exist. When there is one and only one there is no thought.

The geometric patterns design and build in the intra-uterine life.

These patterns (ovals, triangles, squares, rectangles, etc.) are along lines of energy force and they polarize in order to carry out a function. They are then made as physical structure for the use of consciousness, like a diver wearing a suit. The drop—the vital creative flame—functions through the body as a complete system of communication and expression through the mind, the emotions and senses.

There are five senses and five motor functions to carry out action. The five senses and five motor functions are related to the five elements.

Motor expression includes: the mouth for speech—ether; the five fingers for the skill and dexterity to the hands and five toes to give balance and grounding—air; the thighs for running/movement—fire; the organs of reproduction—water; and, the organs of elimination—earth.

The five senses we are familiar with: ether—associated with hearing; air—touch; fire—sight; water—taste; and earth—smell.

These five great elements as they combine into matter have certain “conditions” (gunas). These are more like the consistency of matter more than their biochemical makeup like as in the chemistry chart of the hundred and some odd elements. They also form five energy centers along the spine starting at the area between the coccyx and the sacrum (earth) and the 5th ending in the throat area.

25 Conditions of Matter Chart

25 conditions of matter

The fivefold combination creates twenty-five factors.

graph provided by author


From the above chart when earth combines with earth, bones are formed. When earth is combined with water as the dominant element, blood is formed. When earth is the dominant element and combines with water, flesh is formed, etc.

It is almost too simple to comprehend.

The aspects of the mind through intellect, reason, separation and identity with sense perception complicates, distracts, and distorts our understanding. The emotions provoked by thought striking these elemental centers provides the basic feelings we experience as fear, attachment, anger, desire and separation. The recital of ideas and the experiences of emotion focuses our attention on our life situation instead of the vital flame behind the show of phenomena.

This is a diagnosis, not the treatment, but we can take a paradigm shift away from Anatomy and Physiology 101. Ha!

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