June 27, 2014

There can Be no Growth without Change. ~ Jonathan Plane


So you’re implementing some sort of change in your life, but don’t know what that means?

There are a lot of theories behind what makes ourselves truly unique from each other as we all advance through this intimate experience we call life. But we can all agree that our uniqueness, to some degree, stems from the way we share with those we come across in our lives.

Paths cross when we implement change.

But what happens when we change what we want out of life, but are stuck in our old habits, customs, beliefs, principles, opinions and behaviors (baggage, phew’ didn’t realize there was so much). Wanting change is not unreasonable; change in some weird way is the fundamentals of character building.

Under these new and unfamiliar circumstances we feel uncomfortable with our new surroundings because of this baggage we all have, deep down we know it’s for the best but we are secretly desperate for things to just work out already.

Don’t worry, discomfort is ubiquitous and perfectly normal, it’s only the process of adjusting.

We humans, beautiful, precious, perfect humans, can bring so much value to ourselves when we fulfill some sort of change. When one quietly goes about bettering their lives the worthwhile people in our lives will graciously respect what you choose regardless of where we’ve been, what we’ve done and where we want to go.

It’s refreshing to be associated with someone who wants enrichment.

There is no formula or mechanical approach to getting on with it. It simply has to be done and enjoyed. Taking a step back from it all and soaking up what you have immersed yourself in is a good start, recognizing the benefits takes time. Change is sweet (or savory if you like), we as individuals find this out upon stepping outside what we are comfortable with.

Change is nourishing for the soul.

We learn a lot about ourselves, and each other when we change. Change is fluid; we adopt and consider ideas, beliefs and opinions of others we feel are worthwhile, and this enriches our lives. Whatever we end up doing with our lives and who we do it with, whatever we find value in, whatever we enjoy is a result of implementing change in our lives at some point. It’s fulfilling. It’s commendable.

There is no substitute to sharing our successes with those we love.



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Photo: Flickr/ Emmanuelle Bourgue

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