June 30, 2014

This Video Might Just Change Your Life. ~ Katinka Sætersdal Remøe

Life home quote by Waylon Lewis

Ever been confused about what you should do with your life?

Of what you want to do?

Of whether what you want to do corresponds with what you should do, and whether the latter will truly make you happy?

Then check out the lil’ video clip below narrated by Alan Watts. It fills your tummy with butterflies, gets your emotions flowing and your dreams growing.

Mr Watts talks about passion.

About desire.

Of not letting money be the main objective in life but rather living your passion.

It’s beautiful. Really.

Watch, enjoy, and get ready to be inspired.

“Better to have a short life that is full of what what you like doing than a long one spent in a miserable way.”

~ Alan Watts

This video clip has been posted before, here, by Waylon Lewis, but I am taking the liberty of posting it again in case someone missed out. Want more Alan Watts from elephant? Then check out this one on Buddhism or this one on the meaning of life. If you like South Park, this South-Park-Watts-video-merge is a must-see. And oh, Benjamin Riggs has written several pieces on the wonderful man’s work, with and without video clips.

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