June 1, 2014

You’ll Have to Go Too, Someday. ~ Heather Day {Poem}

Photo: Edward Papachrysanthou-Hood/Pixoto

You’ll have to leave them behind.

The job you thought was the Answer to your Seeking for Purpose.

The relationship you, swooning, told your mom was The One.

The town that slowly and persistently melted your heart, despite your resistance.

The tiny apartment that you so artfully imbued with your sense of style and spirit, and one red wall.

The yoga/running/meditation practice that saved you from emotional breakdown.

The beautiful friends who picked up your shattered heart with tenderness and love.

The carefully curated book collection that tells the tale of your intellectual expansion.

The safety of a well-padded savings account that guarantees next months’ rent.

The rhythms and patterns and walking paths that hold the stories of your rituals.

The labels, identifiers, categories, boxes—self-applied and otherwise—that have helped and hurt.

The best friend who broke your heart and pushed you out into the cold.

The projects, pursuits, and inspirations that once lit your fire.

The Way of Being that was supposed to carry you to Enlightenment.


You will be called to leave.


Maybe some of them. Maybe all of them.

Painfully. Peacefully. Tragically and otherwise.

That separation is divine.


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Apprentice Editor: Marcee Murray King / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Edward Papachrysanthou-Hood/Pixoto

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Read 1 comment and reply

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