July 7, 2014

60 Photos: History in Color.


“We could have been there. You begin to realize the only thing separating us is time.”

Via Reddit’s /r/colorizedhistory Credit where it’s due!

“Including the Race Mixing protest one I’ve colorized 5 of the photos myself (it’s mah job, if you’re interested having one colorized by me, contact me via my website or PM me on reddit!)

1 Nashville Capitol 1864 Photograph of the War in the West. These photographs are of Hood before Nashville. Continuing his policy of the offensive at any cost, Gen. John B. Hood brought his reduced army before the defenses of Nashville, where it was overthrown by Gen. George H. Thomas on December 15-16, in the most complete victory of the war. If the date borne on this photograph is correct, it was taken in the course of the battle.

2 Cab stand Madison Garden ca 1915

3 Saratoga Broadway Vacationers enjoying a sunny day in Saratoga Springs, New York ca 1910 – 1915reddit thread

4 Auto Wreck in DCreddit thread

5 Little rock protest — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Rock_Nine …”


Shocking Historical Photos that Look Like They were Taken Yesterday 

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