July 11, 2014

A Work of Art (The Special Woman). ~ Joseph J Treubig {Poem}


The work of art

Is full of mistakes,
She bends and chips
But never breaks,
She squeaks and creaks
Though rarely shakes,
A work of art
Sees life and takes
Chances, romances over ideas
And dances
With the ocean
In a loud skirt
That waves far too high,
Offers no apologies
For her curtness
Or articulation,
She is a passenger of the world
And life’s station,
She isn’t waiting.
A work of art
Whirls in the wind,
Unfurls morality at the origin of sin
Perpetually grows from within,
Paints her metamorphosis
On the wings of the living
Amongst the different walks
Taking flight by virtue,
Not through fancy talk
But down and dirty digging deeper,
Getting at the very heart of it,
That is a work of art,
She stands neither as it nor apart.


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Apprentice Editor: Jamie Khoo/ Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Angrylambie1/Flickr Creative Commons

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