July 14, 2014

If I Could Have One Memory for my Next Life. ~ Caroline McCarter {Poem}

HeartBroken-Tears are the Baptism of Soul

Remember your fiery passion and deep love for that soul.

That man who aided you in so many ways, but hampered you in others.
Remember the warmth of his touch, your finger tracing his soft ear.
The curiosity and fear of bearing all.
The tears, the tears, the tears.
The deep hollow in your stomach when the knowing comes.
The loss unlike any other you ever experienced.
The overwhelming sadness that pursued you in all subsequent attempts at finding love.

Be young again, have that heat, those smiles, immeasurable giggles and guidance that a first love can give you.
But, this time don’t let it play out.
Do not rush, do not try to fit society’s norm.
There is no reason for haste, your life will extend for as long as it should.

Wait, even if it feels like it is killing you.
There are many intertwined spirits in the universe.
Know & play with that soul…but do not marry it.
A soul mate doesn’t mean what you might think.


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Apprentice Editor: Yaisa Nio / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Flickr / Anil Kumar

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