July 6, 2014

Love, I Have Nearly Died For You. ~ Nicole Paley {Poem}

hands blue chained rosary

Love, I have nearly died for you

Begged and cried for you

Crawled, screamed and gone under guise for you

Not accepted parts of myself for you

Have been all of me in front of you

Left reality and sanity behind because of you

Plunged into the trenches blinded and crippled to soldier for you

Starved this body of mine

Ate myself into a balloon state because of you– large on the outside, empty so empty inside

Sang hallelujah because of you while running through deserted streets

Worn you proudly like this me

made of glittering gold

Lusted for you when all I could handle was lust

Have come for you. Again and again.

Have tried so hard for you

Until I didn’t even know what I was on trial for

Wondered alone and with friends your worth in my weight

Never have ran out of words about you

Never will

Give you up.



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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Bhumikabhatia at Flickr 


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Read 1 comment and reply

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