July 6, 2014

10 things that will make Them like You Instantly.


“To like a person is to see in them some resemblance of who you are or who you aspire to be.”

Note: a reader made a good point. This isn’t about trying to be something other than ourselves. This is about being kind.

1. If you’re nice to new people in a group setting. Make an effort to make the wallflower or outsider feel welcome. Don’t just focus your attention or praise on those who are popular, cool, attractive. Be confident enough to be personal to all in group settings.

2. If you offer to do people small favors without ulterior motive (like, say, getting a glass of water for people).

3. If you’re nice to pets.

4. When you slow down enough to offer to help the elderly out of the goodness of your heart.

5. If you react to failure or embarrassment by having a healthy sense of humor about yourself.

6. If you laugh at other people’s jokes, or simply give them attention, eye contact.

7. If you can disagree, without being disagreeable. When you publicly go easy on others regarding their sometimes too-vehement passion in arguing about politics or religion. When you don’t get personal with others just because you disagree with them, but go out of your way to learn from their point of view while offering your experience in an open manner.

8. Be genuine. A willingness to call out or criticize bullshit when you see it is refreshing.

9. Be ethical: don’t go after others’ boy or girlfriends, don’t be cynical in your business life, don’t be overly competitive with others in meetings or other group settings.

10. Listen! Don’t just talk.


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