July 1, 2014

Something You Should Know About Me. ~ Fern Gray Howes {Poem}


red rose

Romance isn’t always about the biggest bouquet of red roses,

the stereotypical money-spending date night… Or even an extreme trip to Paris.

That is not what I expected

It is in the small things.

Like saying I look nice or catching my smile in a random moment.

It can be a lonesome flower from a forgotten flower bed

It can be a sneaky coffee during the workday

Or a picnic in front of the fire

Tell me you’ll make dinner and let me keep you company

It can be in a simple message with hearts and kisses

Or a love letter that I’ve inspired

It’s my favorite food and a thoughtful moment away from me

It can be as simple as toothpaste on my toothbrush

Or a handed towel as the shower switches off

The finger-drawn heart on a steamy shower door

 It’s that linger kiss and that gentle smile

It can be the silent touch, that’s filled with love

Or a casual hand hold while walking in a crowd

It’s a call to say “Thinking of you”

It’s capturing the essence of your partner in an image

And making that your profile

Or merely an expression of why you love what we have

It’s a welcome home hug and a goodbye kiss

It is a coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night

Its a wink across the crowd

A simple arm around the shoulder when I am down

It is texting me when one of our songs is on the radio

Or secret message in a facebook post with something only we would know

It is a hidden note or friendly reminder

A uncomplicated understanding

Romance is drying that tear and patiently listening

It is that deep breath when anger is spoken

It is the language of souls and ego-destroyer

Romance is work and out-the-box thinking

A business plan that aims to succeed with someone

Romance is speaking in a language we don’t have to understand, but learn

Romance evolves, it is the spark that keeps us together.

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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Apprentice Editor: Kimby Maxson / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Flickr

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