July 4, 2014

“This is what Fireworks look like when a Drone Flies through Them.” {Video}

Vintage Fireworks Posters and Labels for The Fourth of July (1)

Happy Independence Day!

Hopefully everyone is outside playing, grilling, laughing, drinking and enjoying the sun.

If not, here’s a little taste of the patriotism that will make you “ooo” and “ahh.”

Funny comments from Reddit:

“Hey guys, just bought this $2400 drone gonna fly it through the fireworks for an up close view, stay tuned for video!!”… “Hey guys had some technical difficulties maybe next year.”


“Looked like a close call, if not a direct hit at 2:27.”


“Skipped to the end. Still flying and not hurtling towards the earth on fire. Disappointed. Internet has ruined me.”


“I’m sorry but I can’t listen to Por Ti Volare without picturing Will Ferrell singing it.”


Oh, and this…

“They told me I could be anything…so I became the American flag.”



Now, go out and enjoy a (vegan) hot dog. Amurica!




Fourth of July Fireworks—Festive Fun Or Toxic Thrill? 

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Imgur

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katherine Jul 4, 2014 8:59pm

unbelievable fireworks show from the most amazing perspective. i am at home and hear fireworks…and now i also got to see them. thank you

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