August 22, 2014

10 Benefits of Being a (Broke) Yoga Teacher. ~ Ashley Rose Howard

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Being a yoga teacher is a rewarding career, however, most of us know it’s not the best career path for those looking to get rich quick.

Making money in the yoga industry takes many years of practice, hundreds of hours of training and endless dedication to gain a following.

The good news is: like myself, most yoga teachers are passionate enough about the work they’re doing to embrace the hustle. And aside from living off quinoa and couch hopping, being dubbed a broke yogi has quite a few benefits:

1. You get paid to do what you love.

Accepting a position for the high salary can be very enticing, especially if you’re already broke, but choosing a job for the money rather than the passion is letting the ego win. Much of a yogi’s work is about leveraging our purpose and helping others, which generally happens when we’re clocking hours from the heart.

2. You learn the magic in curiosity.

So much of being a yoga teacher is about accepting uncertainty. Some days are very repetitive and tiresome, but most days you never know who will show up in your class or where your day will lead you. Holding curiosity on the journey is where the magic begins to happen.

3. Having less means there’s room for more.

There’s something liberating about your work accouterments merely consisting of a decent pair of workout pants and a yoga mat. I’ve always found the less I hold onto, the more space there is for new opportunity.

4. No one will ever ask to borrow money.

Because it’s pretty obvious you don’t have any.

5. You can empathize with anyone who’s ever struggled financially.

When I see someone in my life having a financial crisis I can empathize with the anxiety they’re feeling because I’ve been there (many times). There is something humble about dealing with money problems and being able to come out of it with a greater appreciation for wealth.

6. The bartering system provides rather unique opportunities.

Working through trade is a great way to teach when you’re just starting out. If your students work in tech, see if they’ll help you build a personal website. If they’re in finance, perhaps they are willing to help organize your freelance invoices. You’d be amazed how many people are willing to offer their expertise in exchange for a good workout.

7. There is zero judgment for wearing workout clothes everyday.

Finally, a legitimate reason to live in yoga pants.

8. You never have to pay for a yoga class again.

Best bonus of teaching at a yoga studio: free classes! Also, you never have to worry about paying someone to come lead you through a vinyasa flow—that’s literally your job.

9. You’re able to access the power of creativity (to make a buck).

One of yoga teachers’ many talents is finding odd jobs as supplemental income. How else do you think we afford to eat organic? There are countless teachers who harness their power of creativity to bartend, cook, dance, write, act or practice hanumanasana at the local strip joint. Totally joking. Or am I?

10. There’s always a place to call home on your mat.

A yoga teacher never has to worry about finding where they belong because “coming home” happens during each present moment on the mat.


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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