August 11, 2014

Fatty. ~ Carmen Henry

carmen henry fatty

Not too long ago, I was walking around at a friend’s party, and overheard someone commenting on the number of “fatties” there, and I’m not sure why anyone feels this is ever okay to say.

FYI, it is never okay to refer to people as fatties.

Clearly it is offensive, and if you had any real concern or purpose to your statement besides making you feel better about yourself, or making those in earshot feel worse about themselves, those are not the words you would choose.

I find it especially offensive because of the environment.

This was a group of people the host is close to, related to, friends with, etc… by definition, people you should expect to like, and be friends with if you don’t already know them, people you should be getting to know, and not sitting back and judging or making fun of.

If I knew who you were, I would not invite you again.

Listen, I don’t think anyone who is overweight isn’t aware of it, so in general, if we’re not asking for your opinion, you don’t need to give it.

I’m not really sure where the relevance of my form, and therefore the form of others fit into your conversation that has nothing to do with me. What is your point? Is it that hard for you to impress someone without pointing out that you are one of the few people who isn’t a “fatty”?

Seriously, it’s so unnecessary.

Besides that, while I am overweight, I am by no means a fatty. I’m not disgusting to look at. I don’t sit around eating everything in sight feeling sorry about my situation and my life. I am not a slob. I do not break furniture when I sit down, or take up the space of more than one chair…anywhere.

These are some of the things that come to mind with a word like fatty, and aside from not being skinny, it does not describe me. It really doesn’t describe most overweight people. If it is true for some, you still shouldn’t be running around calling them fatties.

There is probably some real issue going on there, and rather than being offensive, and making the problem worse for a less strong individual, you should be a friend, and figure it out.

Get to know them.

If you knew me, you would know that…

1. I know I am not at my ideal weight.
2. I am a very active person.
3. At this weight (and heavier), I have completed three sprint triathlons, and an Olympic length aqua-bike.
4. I run up and down seven flights of stairs more than once a day, and play soccer on an awesome team once a week.
5. I am watching what I eat, and working on healthier eating habits to match my lifestyle.
6. I have lost 30lbs since January, and while it is slow going…it’s healthy.
7. I am a really cool, nice, and fun person. I am a lot more than my weight.


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