August 10, 2014

Full Moon Wisdom: Creative Ritual for the Emotional Body.

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The full moon is upon us!

In order to harvest the richness of this full Moon, I’ve created a Creative Ritual for you to check in with your emotional body and cultivate presence with your sensitivity.

This full Moon helps us turn up the shine in our lives and gain more jyoti (light) as we harness the beat of our own unique drum. Moon will be in Dhanishta nakshatra, symbolized by a drum and ruled by the Vasu Devas. Shine your light on the parts of your self and your life that need some extra illumination. Let this full Moon Creative Ritual be a flash light that targets what you are experiencing within. Read more about the full Moon, this Sunday August 10th, in Capricorn and Dhanishta nakshatra.

Full Moon Creative Ritual :::

1) Start with a three level check-in and write down your findings in three short phrases.

2) We will be focusing on the Emotional Body for this creative ritual. What words, images, experiences came to you in your three level check in? Find a space that you can move, where you feel safe to express yourself and quiet enough that you are able to listen to your body’s messages.

Read the phrase you wrote for the emotional body and let the body assume a “statue shape” that expresses the felt sense of your words. Hold the shape for several minutes. Notice how you feel in this body shape. What images arrive? What messages? What body parts are being used?

3) Begin to move your emotional body statue. Take 10 to 20 minutes to explore, move and develop your statue into an emotional body dance. Let the dance evolve naturally.

4) Come to your drawing pad. Draw an image of your emotional body, based on your emotional body dance. Let colors, shapes, textures and images arrive on the page. Take ten to fifteen minutes for your emotional body drawing.

5) Give your drawing a title. Then answer these baseline questions:

I am ____
I want ____
I need ____

6) Answer these harvesting questions:What am I feeling full of right now? What am I releasing from this waxing Moon cycle? What am I opening to? What am I closing to? What am Inviting in? What am I letting go of?

7) Harvesting Poem. Circle 10 to 12 words from your harvesting answers. Create a five to seven line poem with your words.

Reflect on the images, words, needs and discoveries you and your creative process have offered through insights. Let these themes carry you through this waning Moon cycle as our cups empty and the light of the Moon slowly fades.

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