Get Unstuck in Your Relationship With One Simple Statement.

Via Jayson Gaddis
on Aug 12, 2014
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Getting stuck is common in a long-term partnership.

In long term relationships it’s normal for things to start feeling stale, for sex/intimacy to wane.

However, there is absolutely no reason to stay stuck one more moment in your relationship or marriage.

Check out my video below for tips on how to change this right now.

You can also read this for four more high quality tips.


The one simple thing you can always do that works every time if things are tough in your relationship:



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About Jayson Gaddis

Jayson Gaddis, host of The Smart Couple Podcast , relationship geek and host of the Smart Couple Podcast, is on a mission to teach people the one class they didn’t get in school--”How to do intimate relationships.” He was emotionally constipated for years before relationship failure forced him to master relationships. Now, he’s married to his amazing wife of 8 years and has two beautiful kids. When he doesn’t live and breathe this stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him. Jayson writes his own highly personal blog, and has also written for Integral Life, Digital Romance, The Jungle of Life, Primer Magazine, Recovering Yogi, The Good Men Project. You can find him here: Jayson Gaddis or sign up for a free training here if you are dealing with an emotionally unavailable man like Jayson used to be. You can also become a fan on Facebook here: Jayson Gaddis Fan Page.


9 Responses to “Get Unstuck in Your Relationship With One Simple Statement.”

  1. Mikal says:


    Saying "I am really scared to tell the truth about our relationship right now" is not intimate at all (that's what you said in the video). Saying that will likely put your wife, girlfriend, partner on the defensive. Why? Because it assume you know the truth.

    I think what you meant to say is… "Honey, I am really scared to tell you MY truth about our relationship right now."

    Big difference. Use of the word "my" indicates ownership of the truth. Devoid of that and you're just asking for trouble.

  2. Ebtisam says:

    I'm not entirely sure I completely agree with this video. I agree with you, Mikal. I think the simple addition of 'MY' truth, makes it that much more powerful.

    Additionally, having experienced my partner come up to me and say this exact statement also put me on the defensive because telling your partner of 5 years that you are 'scared of telling them the truth' implies that the problem lies with them and the inability to trust/confide in them when that's what a relationship should have been built on in the first place. Personally it made me question, 'what have I done to make you 'scared' of truthfully talking or confiding in me?' I think the word 'scared' is very heavy. Perhaps, 'I want to share with you how I have been feeling about our relationship' instead. Finally I think a person should say this statement when they have thought through to a tentative direction or potential steps they'd like to take and discuss with their partner to move past the stagnation. Because just throwing a statement like that onto your unsuspecting partner could result in being further stuck when your partner asks you, 'Honey, how would you like to work on this? Guide me in understanding how I can help you not be scared to fully be yourself with me?' and they have no answer.

  3. JayGaddis says:

    MIkal, Good point as that is what I meant. And, "the truth" when talking about myself and my stuff can still mean "my" truth.

  4. JayGaddis says:

    Ebtisam, You getting put on the defensive is your problem, not your partner's. There's nothing wrong with you reacting, ever. "I'm scared" is ownership.

  5. Nancy says:

    I wish I would have found you at least 4 years ago. Still destroyed by the end of my relationship with my husband. I was scared and missed him and told him so. He wasn’t willing to give us a chance and just moved through the motions of reconciliation. I would have and believed I did do anything and everything I could but he had found someone else, a family friend no less. My son… he hates the situation more than I do.

  6. Hogan says:

    What if you aren't scared?

  7. ShredderP says:

    For me, Truth is freedom. I have received some of the most awful truths you could ever imagine and felt way better than when I have discovered I have been lied to. Being lied to sometimes feels like it can kill me. I love meeting people who take responsibility for their reactions to our truths or perceptions. It really is incredible to be in relationship with people who want to grow together and do the work, when it’s work, to learn to create a healthy dynamic. I am not in a romantic partnership (just got out of one, actually) but have been putting better effort into applying this idea to all relationships in my life.

  8. Intrigues says:

    With the "50 Shades of Grey" phenomena hitting the world, everyone is discussing sex right now, but it is 'intimacy' that needs to be discussed. Connection and reconnection is part of reframing the relationship as it moves through time. Reconnect … you are both worth it.

  9. wrensong says:

    "I" statements are by definition speaking one's truth, saying an additional 'my truth' is really redundant.