August 5, 2014

Keeping it Real in the Era of New Age Feminism. ~ Beata Alfoldi

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For those of you that know me and my work, you know how much I emphasize the importance of being grounded, authentic and embodied on this spiritual path.

There are all too many that are ‘talking the talk’ but not ‘walking the walk’ and not recognising the real potency in choosing a life that is guided by Spirit in words, thoughts and deeds. It means choosing a life that is grounded, on-purpose, embodied and radiantly alive.

Embracing love in action.

I see too many people talking about ‘non-attachment’ and ‘free love’ whilst their lower chakras are all out of balance with loose boundaries, ungrounded energies, commitment issues and spiritual egotism.

I hear women in many spiritual circles calling each other ‘Goddess’ and expecting this title from their partners and peers through manipulation and a ‘supposed entitlement’… just because they’re women!

I know that for many women they are simply trying to empower, encourage and embrace the beauty and magnificence in each other, and you all have my full support. But come on Sisters—we can do better than this, and it is certainly time!

It is time to stand tall as women in our feminine radiance, magnificence and power, embracing the light and the shadow.

Without this balance, integration and embodiment we are heading for a disaster of enormous proportions that is purely self focused, ego-driven and wrapped up in the New Age concept of ‘love and light’.

As much as the New Age movement has been important in bringing spiritual teachings and universal laws to the masses, I also believe that the New Age movement has been one of the most destructive movements on this planet. Covered in a ‘sugar and spice’ consumerism blanket of brain washing and pseudo-spirituality.
Real abundance and self worth is not outside of ourselves, it is within each of us.

It is in our connection to the Sacred, to each other, to everything in life. It is real, embodied, raw and wild. It is seeing the divinity in everything, embracing and accepting all parts of our selves and understanding our connection to all that is.

It is time to look at all sides of this existence on our planet, not just the side that makes us feel good about ourselves and comfortable in this life. It is time to see all that is going on in this world and commit to making a difference in any way that we can. The future of our planet and the future of all species, (including ours), deserves our time, respect and care.

It’s time to know where your heart breaks and to follow that lead in making a difference in this world for the greater good of all—however big or small you choose to play. That means embracing light and shadow, knowing what is going on in the world around you, having a daily spiritual practice and act of service and above all—keeping it real!

Yes, it is all about love and light ultimately—but we must understand what light we are following.

Only love is real.


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Editor: Renée Picard

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