August 21, 2014

Me, Myself & Monster. ~ Elena Murgoci {Poem}



and when the time comes

will you be able to invite the monster in
kindly ask him to sit down on the couch

(warm fireplace
cup of tea in hand)

and just talk for hours in a row
about how you both like rainy days and looking at clouds?

will you be able to hold his disfigured hand
and look into his red evil eyes
red like autumn sunsets?

will you be able to hold him close
like the sweetest part of you
like the kindest friend
like your own mother who carried you
in her womb
and brought you into the world
through tears and sweat?

will you love the monster that you learned to hate
and blame
and run from?

and will you please
for goodness’ sake
look him straight in the eyes
acknowledge his beauty
and let him go?


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Apprentice Editor: Richard May / Editor: Travis May

Photo: Carl Clay/Pixoto

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Read 4 comments and reply

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