August 27, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Extravagance. ~ Stephanie Gauthier {Poem}

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Sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong time.

These right people spark so much life inside you, you could almost swear on everything holy meeting them was when you took your first breath.

People who weren’t meant to be permanent fixtures in your life.

Similar to seeing a sudden random image in scenery you’ve seen a thousand times. Entirely wrong, and out of place, yet its wonder pulls you in.

You stop for a moment and admire it; you stay as long as you can. But you have to go. You’re late for work, and you can’t take it with you so you move on.

Hustling down the street, you know you’ll never view that backdrop, its people, signs and shops quite the same. That tiny accidental illustration in your regular commute added just a little bit more color and spunk to your daily grind.

This happened to me recently. I met someone that pumped life into my veins, and turned my world upside down. The experience made me question that which I once stood firm on. It altered the way I viewed love and relationships. This lover changed a piece of me, and for that I will be forever grateful. The whole encounter has humbled me, and reminded me there are no guarantees in love, ever.

This love of ours had taken off like fire, the moment we laid eyes on one another. It unfolded and grew before us like something that could’ve only been handed down directly from the gods. This was the first time that my soul fell deep into love with another soul, and that other soul fell deep into love with mine.

However, the timing couldn’t have been worse, and the circumstances that surrounded our brief love affair weren’t any better. We had to take a few (large) steps back and gain some perspective.

Everyday, I search for words to describe how powerful this experience was for me. Every time I try, I fall short. I may never be able to communicate how genuine, intense, pure and full of love our relationship was, but I will always be able to close my eyes and recall the experience to my mind. When I do, I’ll smile, knowing that which we shared was real, and true, and beautiful, and quite possibly not meant to last forever.

Instead of being sad about our parting, and viewing it from the perspective of yet another failed relationship, I’ve chosen to view it as a gift; an elaborate, intricate, beautiful, temporary utopia. I feel blessed to have visited paradise. I don’t need to pack my bags and move there, unsettling, and upsetting the lives of others on my quest to fill my inner emptiness with the love song that was our happenstance.

This poem attempts to express a piece of that beauty.

Saturday afternoon extravagance

We were enticed on a Saturday.
Love at first sight.
It was lovely, a lovely Saturday afternoon.
We watched each other that whole day.
Saturday afternoons became our theme.
Under any other circumstance I may not have loved you.
But you knew exactly how to reach in and touch my soul.
I wasn’t looking for love nor was I emotionally available, but hell then again you neither were you.
We became lovers that first Saturday afternoon, and you quickly became, my new favorite thing.
I found you genuine, and sensitive to my touch.
In glory I sing a song of love.

Sheer delight, I found with you.
A spectacular, miraculous change took place inside me overnight.
I grew so large; I’m the size of the moon.
Seasons changed within my body, this body that houses my soul.
Colors changed inside me.
Your love is now the only truth I know.

This instantaneous familiarity I’ve discovered in your eyes is more profound than anything I’ve ever experienced.
Our time is up sweet you.
Please, whisper in my ear once more:
“I’ll love you forever.”

And oh you own this heart of mine.
My my how you mesmerize.
The clock wasn’t on our side my love.
But we sure enjoyed our time sweet love.
Remember we said: “No regrets.”

As long as I could, I hid your love in my room.
Wore it on my lips.
Red lips.
Red is now the shade of blue.
Oh sweet, heavenly, sultry you.

We’re on our knees.
Let the gods have mercy please.

We lay poolside. We took car rides.
In your presence, no one else existed.
Two aching beauties.
Two achingly beautiful, souls: you and I.
My how we shined.
The love we shared became impossible to hide.

Giggling each other’s names in my bed on the deep purple sheets,
Delirious and happy.
Please my sweet girl; don’t weep.

Nothing stops for us though. Life moves forward without our consent.
As they say the show must go on.
And my, my, what a grand show it was.
Watching you, returned breath to my lungs.

My darling.
My sweet darling, and sunny Saturday extravagance;
I’ll remember you just like this.

Closing the door to your room as I make my unimpressive exit, I smile.
You were amazing and more.
Fondness will perpetually surround your memory.
Time to release sweet you.
You will always be my muse.





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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Flickr


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