August 6, 2014

Why do we say Never Give Up? ~ Angkush Poonye

give up

Giving up has never been easy for true fighters.

It does not mean to stop dreaming or to stop hoping because human wants can never be fully satiated. It relates to the denial of the soul’s desire to try one more time.

Let’s put one vital question forward: What causes the soul to give it another try? The answer is simple: It is the heart.

The heart always believes in giving old expectations new expectations. After a few unsuccessful trials, we decide to let go because we feel bruised and tired. And thus we let go. The moment we let go is the moment we give up.

But the study of human choices and the re-questioning of conflicting philosophical ideologies do not abide by this belief since we are an insatiable species. If we go by this, then sooner or later, after having given up, one has to seek for a new horizon or to make the list of trials slightly longer.

Then what is giving up? Could it be just a momentary pause that we decide to take to heal ourselves and to push ourselves again for another opportunity? If that is the case then giving up can be something that brings in positivity, too.

If we probe well, we will realize that it takes a courageous heart and strong determination to venture out knowing the possible unwanted consequences that may cross our paths. To give up may most probably foreordain positive metanoia (a complete change of heart) in the long run. It makes us stand up again after falling miserably, helps us to grow as a person and, most importantly, renders our life worthwhile.

Giving up adds spice to life: it consists of a variety of emotions. It pricks the heart in the beginning, rekindles bleak hopes in the middle and makes us a better fighter in the end.

This end is also a new start that may bring in success after the different unfruitful weaves done before.

It is normal to fret over our failures, but a failure in our life does not make us a failure. The attempt was unsuccessful, not us.

How can we continue to water the withering plant that stands a chance of blooming again?

1) One failure cannot make us defeated. There are many out there who do not even have the chance or simply cannot attempt what we are attempting. So, keep on trying ’til it pays off, or seek for other goals. Limiting ourselves to only one goal can be boring.

2) Unsuccessful events forge our personality. The mind and the soul must grow-up just like our body. And it is the mettle and fortitude shown during bad moments that reflect our growth.

3) We have heard this one from elders: We get only one life; so let’s do as much as we can for us and for humanity during our temporary stay on earth. Even after the howling wind and whipping rain makes us half naked.

Because half naked is better than being fully naked.

And being fully naked is better than wearing suffocating clothes that may harm us.



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