September 8, 2014

13 Steps for Returning Home + Full Moon Creative Ritual.

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Existentially speaking, perhaps the purpose of this crazy thing we call life is to somehow, in some way, return home.

Each one of us in our own way.

There are many practices, approaches, tools and resources available these days in order to help us with this process of returning. Re-turning.

Turning in again and again.

Admittedly, I am still working diligently on self-trust. Some times I don’t trust myself to return to myself and my inner depths where silence and solitude reside. Where I feel safe and grounded, centered and secure.

Sometimes I fear that I’ll fall off the wagon and stay off the wagon forever and not be able to find my way back. I’ll forget how to get back home or what home is. That I won’t be able to land after traveling.

As an extra sensitive type, I am extra porous. Sometimes I’m afraid that when I merge with the energy of the group, or a relationship, I won’t know how to get back to myself.

These concerns of self-trust and returning to ourselves also become extra important during times of chaos, trauma and crisis. Fragility lingers and often we don’t trust our lives, let alone ourselves, to find a sense of stability, support and self-reliance.

I need reminders regularly that I have tools that will get me home. That I know how to return. That I can trust myself to return.

I have my favorite tools. My go-to, trusty, no-fail resources that never seem to let me down. No matter the type of return I need.

Here are the 13 steps I use for returning Home:

1. Pause. Taking moments of pause throughout my day.

2. Breathe. Being present to my breath and its wisdom.

3. Touch. A hand to my heart or belly reminds me I am here.

4. Embodiment. Dancing, moving and stretching. Getting in my body and feeling it enliven.

5. 3 Level Check-in. I feel checked in!

6. Sea salt bath + oil massage. Sea salt baths clear energy and abhyanga calms. Essential oils are, well, essential.

7. A cup of tea. In my favorite bone china.

8. Cooking. A simple meal of kitchari, greens and a good chipati gets me nourished.

9. Meditation and sleeping in. I need rest and time in my bed hiding under the sheets.

10. Walking in the woods with the trees. Only the trees will do.

11. Creativity. Painting and drawing. Getting color on my hands and getting messy.

12. Time. The sacredness of time and her wisdom never fails.

13. Trust. That I can, and I will, return.

This list continues to grow, but many of these resources I have used for years without realizing their inherent value and their ability to help me land, ground and return to my sacred Self again and again. The more I practice resourcefulness, self care and fill my inner cup, the more stability and self trust is created.

Each time I land and ground, I remind myself, “Ah yes, here I am again. I yes, I did it again!” And I can, and will, do it again.

Acknowledging my steps, I gain trust in knowing that I can return home. That I know how to return and that it is possible. Over and over again.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 1.26.54 PMCreative Ritual:

What is on your list? What steps do you use for returning home- to stability, self-trust, safety and security? How do you get back home- to your sacred center?

As we move into the full Moon, notice what is alive and providing support for you, what is feeling nourishing and supportive, and what are the resources you have been relying on for greater nourishment.

The intention of this creative ritual is to spark something within. To solidify your resources and ground you in the sensation of greater self trust.

Part I. Coming Home Embodiment Dance.

1. Start your “Coming Home” embodiment dance from standing or lying down. Begin by bringing presence to a body part within you that feels like a resource. Is there a part of your body that provides you with a sense of stability, comfort and nourishment? Can you sense this feeling in your body somewhere? Let this be your primary body part resource for your dance. Then begin to move from this body part. Let it activate and inspire your Coming Home dance.

2. As you continue to move with your primary body part, note how the rest of your body responds. How does it connect to the rest of your body? How does it respond and move with the rest of your body? How does the rest of your body respond to it? Let your dance develop as the rest of your body moves with your primary body part resource. Return to the body part in the close of your dance and note the sensations present by doing a 3 level check in. Take at minimum 10 minutes for this portion of the Creative Ritual.

Part II. Creative Harvesting.

1. Use paint, craypas, water color or any other medium that inspires you. On a large piece of paper, draw a small circle in the center of your paper and label it “Home” or any other word/phrase that identifies your return to center.

2. From your inner circle draw a spiral out to the edge of your paper. Identify your first step and create a symbol of this step. Label it. Continue to draw your steps and label them as you move inward towards the center of your spiral. Don’t get caught up in the sequence of your steps, just make sure they are all present. You may choose to rely on different steps in different sequences in your life, so let that option be enlivened in your Coming Home image. Take 20 minutes for this portion of the Creative Ritual.


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