September 22, 2014

5 cures for the Fall Bummers.

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Fall is here.

You can feel it, I can feel it.

The sun is setting earlier and waking up later. There is less buzz, less going on. We are less stimulated.

I am amongst the stubborn ones, milking each ray, forcing myself into the ocean, even though it’s not really warm enough, because “this could be the last beach day”.

Where I live the rain is beginning to fall heavier and more often—dampening even the most chipper of souls.

Let’s get real, and be frank—no one really wants to put away their flip flops and bathing suits. Fall can be a big fat bummer.

Here are five ways to axe the end-of-summer blues and welcome autumn with a few less frowns, and a little more joy:

1. Go on a tea-spree

Take twenty bucks and spend it all on tea. Drive to a grocery store and give yourself enough time to walk up and down the isle smelling the different spices and leafy concoctions. Rekindle your relationship with chai, sleepytime and earl grey. They’ve missed you.

2. Go shopping in your closet

The changing of seasons can feel like you’ve just treated yourself to a shopping spree. Remember that green wooly sweater hidden way in the back? That slouchy brown tuc? What about that purple, orange and pink scarf? Or the fleece leggings that feel like a little hug every time you put them on? Feast your eyes and your chilly limbs on a whole new wardrobe. (That you already own—bonus.)

3. Buy yourself some fancy socks

It’s the time of year where you can get away with shorts and Birkenstocks because the sun still feels like summer, but at around 4 P.M., autumn stretches her arms, comes out to play and your toes turn a little blue.

Go to MEC, Roots or an outdoor store that carries the cush, cashmere, fancy socks you might need if you were hiking Everest, or K2. Treat your toes, go all out—you deserve it.

4. Put this song on and dance so hard you forget it’s sock weather:

5. Go for walks where the leaves want to fall

Autumn has the best colors. It is the most romantic season of them all.

The orange, yellows and reds make my heart leap with glee and run to find ink and paper and a corner where I can pour my soul out. Bundle up in your sweater, (you forgot you had, and get to fall in love with again) make a chai latte and go get lost in the colors of fall.

Let the leaves let go, pitter patter and fall around you. Maybe you can let go, too.



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Editor: Emma Ruffin

Photos: blmiers2/Flickr

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