September 13, 2014

5 Rituals For Flowing Into Fall With Grace, Ease & Fluidity. ~ Kim Wolff

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“Some of us think that holding on makes us strong, but sometimes, it is the letting go.” ~ Herman Hesse

All of nature is a mirror—a reflection of the sacred wheel of the seasonal cycles. The changes that occur within the natural world, take place within us as well, for we are born of the elements, exist within them our entire lives and return to them when we pass, everything intertwined.

The coming of fall signals a time of harvest and release as we gather the last bounty that summer gifts us with and watch in wonder as the leaves change color and detach from the branch, making way for new growth to be nurtured into being come spring.

Aligning ourselves harmoniously with with the changes that are dictated by mother nature means that we’d do best to follow her cues as we reflect upon: winter the metaphorical seeds we’ve sown, spring the new life cultivated and given birth to, summer the bounty harvested and the letting go that must happen in the fall.

As we release that which does not serve us well, we create the space necessary for nurturing our personal growth. What the fall season asks of us, is to celebrate our blessings and our bounty, then detach with love, trusting that all will fall into place and unfold in divine timing.

Here are 5 Rituals For Flowing Into Fall With Grace, Ease and Fluidity

Experience The Change

Spend time in nature aligning yourself with the changes by engaging the senses.

What do you see, smell, taste, hear and feel? Use the sensory feedback to create a symbiotic relationship with the shift of the seasons, establishing a new rhythm for your life during this time.

Make Time For Quiet Reflection

Meditate on or journal about all that’s happened in your life this year. As you reflect, make a list of what needs to be let go of and surrendered to.

Next, make a list of the things you’d like to call into being. Place the lists in the light of the sun, moon or a candle. By reflecting, setting intention and illuminating our desires, the process of conscious creation of the life we dream of living is initiated.

Clear Away The Clutter

The act of purging is so very liberating!

Burn white sage or palo santo to clear your home, car and office of stagnant, stale energy.

Clean out closets and drawers, garage and glove box.

Revamp your diet by taking a trip to your local farmers market to see what’s in season and create your fall meals using fresh, local, seasonal produce. Perhaps even consider doing a gentle cleanse that is well suited to your constitution.

Re-evaluate your relationships. If any of them are toxic, abusive and do not have your best interest at heart, detach from them with love. It’s time to let the dead weight fall away.

Invest In Yourself

Self care is essential. If we do not care for ourselves, we cannot sustain the pace required for our busy and demanding modern lives to function optimally.

Commit to carving out a good chunk of quality time just for you this fall. Invest in yourself by taking that retreat you always wanted to go on.Plan a day at the spa and get the works (massage, facial, mani, pedi!).

Spend a day in nature and a night by the fire. Listen to your longing and follow it.

Create Sacred Space

We all need our “special place.” A sanctuary we can retreat to for reflection, setting of intention, meditation, prayer, ritual, and dreaming.

One way to create sacred space is by building an altar in your home. Start by gathering objects of significance- things that are meaningful to you -visual symbols that beckon you to drop in and connect with spirit.

On my altar, I have flowers, photos of loved ones and teachers, crystals, candles, a Tibeten singing bowl, palo santo and sage, a ceremonial drum and treasures gifted to me by my beloveds. Arrange your altar items on a table or shelf that is at about eye level when you sit in front of it. Visit your altar often and change it up with the seasons. That way, it will always stay dynamic and fluid.

Yours in the ebb and flow,

~ Kim




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