September 13, 2014

A Child of the Moon, A Child of the Sun. ~ Sean Driscoll {Poem}


When I was young
I was a child of the sun
And played in the safety of light.

But now that I’m old
I am a child of the moon
And have come to know the night.
I revel in the terminus that moves inexorably
Over the landscape of life separating darkness from light.
And play in the shadows of the craters of the moon
Carved by the cosmic debris of love and life.
All the while knowing I will return to the land of the sun
And do it all again and again and again until there is,
No sun.
No moon.
No I.
Knowing only light.



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Editor: Travis May

Photos: Shahril Khmd/Pixoto

Read 2 Comments and Reply

Read 2 comments and reply

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